What Women Want in A Man's Looks

Advice by: Demario
Place: Long Beach, Washington, USA

This article is for all men out there who need to know a few basic things about their looks when they are out there looking for women. You don't need to be a Brad Pitt or George Clooney, but you do need to follow some guidelines. The following that you'll read is based on reviews from 5 experts who have either conducted research or surveys on this topic. The most common advice from all 5 of them finds a mention below.

Close to 98% of women look for guys having strong and confident personalities, who carry themselves well and have a commanding voice when they speak. The remaining 2% of women who look for guys purely based on their looks are the ones who have self-related problems and a low self-esteem. Such relationships are seldom worthwhile because they are hollow without any strong basis to it.

That is the reason you see a lot of average looking men have really hot women by their side. How they manage to do that is no mystery. Carrying yourself confidently and taking care of certain basic, but essential things make a world of a difference. You'll understand as you read further.

1. Dressing Sense
You should always dress in a way that suits your physical body structure. Also, make sure that you dress suitably for the situation. From your female buddies, take opinions and try to put them into practice.

2. Carrying Yourself
Walk upright with your stomach in and chest out always. Don't stoop while walking, don't bounce or have any sort of a funny gait. Raise your chin a bit and look up while you walk. You don't need to march, but you do need to take control of your body, your arms and your legs.

3. Overall Physical Body
You should make it a point to work out regularly. Its not essential that you have the perfectly sculpted body of a Greek God. But a fit you radiates an energetic and confident personality which does attract a lot of attention. It also commands respect and shows your masculinity. Beyond that, it helps you have strong psychological state of mind, which speaks more than words.

4. Dental Hygiene
This can be a complete turn-off if not addressed duly. Make it a point to brush twice, floss once in every 4-5 days and rinse your mouth regularly. It is more of a preventive tip because bad breath automatically takes women miles away from you. If your teeth require cleaning from stains, do go and see your dentist.

5. Clean Hands & Nails
Hands that are messy with dirt, oil, grease and nails that aren't trimmed send signals to a woman's subconscious mind that you are careless and you just don't bother about yourself. It makes their subconscious mind believe that a careless man like that won't take good care of them if he can't take simple care of himself. Make sure you wash your hands regularly, use sanitizers if needed and keep your nails trimmed.

6. Facial Expressions
When in the company of the woman you are trying to impress, always have a relaxed face. Don't stress your facial muscles, don't rub or keep touching your face and don't raise your brows in disappointment. Wear a smile wherever you can, whether you are ordering food at a restaurant, asking for help at a store or even saying goodbye to someone! Be as pleasant as you can!

7. Individuality
Have a personality of your own. Don't try too hard to copy someone. If you do really like a shirt, which makes you feel comfortable, then wear it often without bothering too much. If there is a certain pair of sports shoes that you feel great wearing, wear them! Your individuality shows that you believe in yourself, which comes across as highly attractive and prospective to not just women, but employers too! Your perfect style is your preference, be yourself!

This explains why even the most average looking men manage to get the hottest girls. Most of them who manage this, almost close to 30% of them that is, are brought up that way. Such are the traits of males with an alpha nature. Its naturally in-built in them to carry off such an appearance. For the rest, it doesn't take much of an effort, but only the right knowledge and a strong urge to follow the rules!

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Jerry said...


Fantabulous article... thanks for sharing with the brotherhood :-)

Anonymous said...

I always keep thinking that why chicks prefer average guys over hot hunks. Seems you are right buddy!

Chadwick said...

A lot of guys just overlook these things and try to imitate someone and make a complete fool of themselves
Its more about what you are and what you can do with yourself

Nick said...

Dressing Sense & Hygiene! Those I guess top the list in my case.

Reiko said...

I agree - "...the most average looking men manage to get the hottest girls"

Darrell said...

Another thumbs up dude! Thanks for the reminding the nitty-gritty

The Skeptic said...

Good looking men get laid a lot.
Average looking guys just end up with someone.

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