The Ultimate Kissing Guide

Advice by: Cristina Carhill
Place: Launceston, Australia

Here is The Ultimate Kissing Guide by Cristina Carhill. Whether you are new to kissing or if you have been kissing for ages, this guide will surely enhance your kissing act! 

It takes you from taking the first baby steps to kissing right up to becoming a passionate and an irresistible kisser. The guide gives you brilliant ideas for experiencing the most romantic kissing moments as well as the places that would be best for your first kiss. 

Cristina has also compiled some of the best videos from around the web that teach you how to kiss someone in a fun way!

Please go carefully through each and every chapter of The Ultimate Kissing Guide because each of it has something or the other that you will be able to relate to. You will be able to pick up some worthwhile kissing tips as well from each topic too. So go ahead, enjoy and have a great time kissing!


Adam said...

Fantastic guide on kissing ... I have to have to have to admit!!!

Way cool a job Miss Cristina! I am impressed!

Susan said...

Oh you've written about kissing so passionately! The minute details are what I find most helpful. Please keep writing and I am subscribing to your posts! Thanks!

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