What Men Find Attractive In A Woman’s Body

Advice by: Serena Powell
Bradford, UK

In a fascinating research conducted at the University of Southern California, a group of 126 men in the age gap of 18-36 years were quizzed to find out what men find attractive in a woman’s body. The results of this survey end the constant female curiosity about what appeals men in the female body.

Surprisingly the results show that these men, who passed through the 2 day long exercise, did not answer in favor of the girls considered conventionally sexy. The ladies can read below and decide for themselves.

1. A Woman’s Hair
You can get away with a slightly off figure at times, but bad hair texture and less hair volume can completely turn men off. A woman’s hair symbolizes her feminism and her beauty. Long hair exposing the neck can be really intoxicating to a male mind and mid-length hair styled well seems chic. Avoid really short hair because you are actually chopping off a part of your feminism. Visit your salon at least once in couple of months and a clinic if you have hair related problems.

2. A Woman’s Lips
Pouting lips serve as an excitation for guys. Since evolution made us walk upright on two legs, the genitalia lost visibility while facing each other. Therefore, female lips are perceived as the female genitalia. Accentuating your lips with the right shades and gloss can seem very sexy.

3. A Woman’s Breasts
Men go crazy at anything that is visually stimulating. What more than a woman’s breast then can serve as an opening to this stimulation! So if you notice men’s magazines, you’ll find how much focus and emphasis is laid on the breasts. The key for women here is that you don’t need to worry about your shape as much, but try wearing sizes that is one size smaller than your real size.

4. A Woman’s Eyes
Your eyes can make him fall in love with you. If you are looking to make a long-term impression on a guy, too much facial make-up isn’t the way to go really. You would wake up with him in bed some morning and he’d probably be turned off seeing the morning you. But if you lack in this department, keeping it light, natural and well-groomed can do the trick. Thick eyelashes, eye-liners and minimal eye-shadow work the best.

5. A Woman’s Smile
A smile can speak your intention more than what your words can convey. A smile could be friendly, inviting, sexy, flirty, and snobbish. It can even throw around attitude. When a man thinks about you when he is alone, he visualizes your smile. His hormones of attraction are released with that picture of you. His thoughts are set on the emotion and intention conveyed through your smile. So, practice the smile you want in front of the mirror after brushing your teeth every morning.

6. A Woman’s Hips and her Waist
There are no “perfect” sizes as some may assume for your hips and waist. But what’s essential is that you maintain a good waist-to-hips ratio. It should fall in the category of 0.65-0.75 to seem appealing. To draw more attention, wearing heels and having a sexy gait can have eyeballs glued to your behind.

7. A Woman’s Legs
At puberty, a girl’s legs start growing in length due to a hormonal flow through her body. Biologically it sends a signal to the opposite sex of her growing sexual maturity and indicates to men that the woman now can bear offspring. Slender athletic legs can work wonders. Try using skirts and shorts that are short in length and tone on your legs. A small tip: Use the stairs and avoid the elevator!

For every girl reading this, there is a man out there who suits her. However, if these are features what men find attractive in a woman’s body, then being a girl, I am personally confident every woman can be attractive. Just keep in mind that your man will treat you just the way you portray yourself to him. Stay beautiful...

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Lyra said...

Seems like a lot of things I have to begin with. Thanks for sharing Serena

Jess said...

...And what do men really do for women?

They yell at us for getting late! When are they gonna realize that we dress up, get ready and look good for them!

Kylie said...

Men are so dumb really. You can make them and see and believe exactly what u want out of them

Anonymous said...

this is good but some of it lies because it says men like long hair and i have really short cropped hair and i have had loads of guys flirting with me!!! also just because you dont have all of these things on the list doesnt mean guys dont like you!

Team BlogJeez said...

Miss Anonymous,
you are actually right! but this is just a collection of what Serena found is popular! Glad that you have loads of guys flirting with you and you really should share your experiences and tips here on BlogJeez

Anonymous said...

i think they should list a few more items on the list for they only had seven items

Anonymous said...

this is kind of stupid - don't wear a cup size too small, wear the right size - i think you have the words 'feminism' and 'femininity' mixed up because they are very different things.

Anonymous said...

We like all the bits we ain't got!!! :-)

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