21 Most Romantic Places to Kiss

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

A kiss planted at the right moment and at the right place can ignite an amazing passion between two individuals. Choosing the right place and the right moment can multiply your romance by a million and draw your sweetheart closer to you than just kissing behind closed doors… So lean in and find out the most romantic places to kiss that special someone!

1. On a secluded beach
The world is all yours! The waves gushing through your feet and the sun setting in the background… Imagine that!

2. When its pouring
Whilst everyone is running for shelter, you grab him/her closely and lock your lips like you’ve kissed never before. The water trickling over your faces and wetting your lips makes it so enjoyable. Try it tonight itself in the shower if you can’t wait!

3. In a balcony or on a cliff during full moon
If a romance novelist catches sight of you kissing under the moonlight, you have chances to become the next Romeo & Juliet!

4. In an closed elevator climbing a tall building
The idea of trying something kinky is exciting. Whisk yourself up to the topmost floor and then zoom down to the ground again. Why don’t you let your thoughts wander for a moment…

5. During a boat ride
A boat that carries just the two of you and the boatman. The utter silence where you can just hear the sound of water around you as he rows the boat. And you seal the warm lips of your love.

6. Next to a Fountain
Smooch besides a fountain as the water sprays on you. Stop and stare into his/her eyes. Smooch again. Then get yourself a cosy room!

7. Besides a waterfall
You can just hear the loud sound of the water gushing down with so much force in the background and the mist sprays over your faces as you kiss. Have you ever kissed besides the bathroom shower before a bath? How does it feel?

8. When it is raining or snowing outside
It is cold outside, but inside you have dim lights and the wood burning in the fireplace… You sit down on the floor or lounge on a lazy couch holding your partner. Pause and imagine what its gonna lead to?

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Aren’t you so waiting to kiss your sweetheart right at this moment? These are so definitely the most romantic places to kiss and I am sure you do agree! Hope to hear your experiences about your most romantic kisses in the comments below…

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Naisha said...

Thats such a great list Cristina! Love it!! So many ideas... Tnk u so much girl!!!!!

Aimee said...

Brilliant ideas... Some of them remind me of my honeymoon !

Gina said...

My first kiss with Gary was next to a garden fountain and it was completely mind blowing! Gary & I were like 16 then and we are still together. You've driven me mad with all these ideas and I really can't wait now. Luv!

Aamna said...

I just love kissing in the rain in my balcony! It is just way too romantic and hot!

Cellar Tours said...

Have a look at this, more ideas!

Trust said...

What if we kiss in the kitchen is that romantic too

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