Indian Sex Life

Compiled by: Dr. Srivatsa
Place: Bombay, India

This survey takes you through the sex life of Indians describing various facts, issues and statistics. The entire data is completely unbiased and tries to show the real picture as brought out by credible survey agencies. A complete entertainer of a survey which has growing popularity and curiosity throughout the country, it brings to you some amazing and some shocking revelations.

Find out where you stand as a man, woman, girl, boy, boyfriend, girlfriend, teenager, husband, wife or partner... And if you are Indian too, then find out where you stand as an Indian!

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Indian Sex Life - Part 1

1. What is the average age Indians would lose their Virginity at?
Ans: 18.5 - 22.8 years
The range is wide but really speaking it would be closer to 22.8.
Now, boy! Isn't that really late considering the world average is 17.4 or something like that...

2. What is the average age an Indian has had some sort of Sexual Experience?
Ans: 17.4 - 18.5 years
Well, it doesn't mean they keep having frequent sex. Its only that they have had just those few shots at it.

3. How many Indians have Premarital Encounters?
Ans: 1 in every 3 Indians
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore & Kolkata have close to 2 out of every 3. Averaging it over smaller cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Mangalore, etc. makes it 1 out of 3.

4. What is the number of people with whom Indians have had some sort of a physical encounter before marriage?
Ans: Between 2 - 3
Sounds unreal, right? I mean, really?!

5. What is the Frequency of Sex that Indians have?
Ans: 3 times a week
That's a bloody high number!

6. How many Indians actually indulge in Foreplay?
Ans: More than 96%
Wow! Now that's interesting...

7. What is the Length of Foreplay between Indian couples?
Ans: A modest 7-9 mins
Now that is actually below average!

8. What is the Length of Intercourse between an Indian couple?
Ans: The length of intercourse largely depends on experience, sexual position, ability of the man to control, etc. Accordingly it can last anywhere between 3 to 15 minutes. For an urban Indian who has sex on a working day and is pressed for time, the answer would be 3-5 minutes.

The genetic make up of Indians makes them smaller in size than Africans, Americans & Europeans. And very honestly, Indians also lack that kind of stamina (I mean see where Indians are at the Olympics!). Where all other factors are similar, Indians last lesser than people from other continents.

You are currently on the page displaying Part 1 of the Indian Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Part 5 -- Part 6 -- Part 7 -- Part 8

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Yohan said...

Its been just 4 years of moving to the UK and I am pleasantly surprised that the country has awaken so much...for a change! I like this!

Anonymous said...

these are stats taken on a really tiny sample set....India is sex deprived, all this is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

India is not sex deprived.They may not speak in public but they are sure they are not sex deprived.They though surely do have lots of other works other than sex.

Unknown said...

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