Make Any Girl Fall in Love

Advice by: Demario
Place: Long Beach, Washington, USA

This article is for guys who want to make themselves magnetic to the girl they find really adorable but just can't get enough. It takes you through the process of how you can get that girl and fortunately or unfortunately have a lot more women drooling over you by the end of it.

The Perfect Girl...
Every now and then as guys, we come across the perfect girl who we think is so special. Each of us has had that special girl in our lives. She has the sweetest personality, dazzling smile which makes her face glow, amazing hair that drives you crazy when she runs her hand through her hair. You've seen her in college, in school, at work, a hobby center or somewhere out there. You just can't get enough of her.

However, you find that she dates the more "adept" guys... How on earth do you get that one girl to like you?

Your Attitude & Mindset...
First you need to understand that a woman finds herself attracted to a man not because of his looks, but his personality. On the other hand, men are primarily attracted to women based on their looks making them think that's what women are looking at too. And so often we wonder that how could that hottie move around with a guy like him, he doesn't even match her standard. Well, an ideal man is an alpha male who is not afraid to take the lead. He is confident of what he is doing regardless of the fact that he isn't a Brad Pitt and he gets what he wants!

You should come from a mindset of high value. You shouldn't come across to girls as desperate or needy. The implication of this means that you need to make the girl feel that she has earned you.

When you come across women, you need to have an attitude of a strong male personality. The best attitudes to throw around would be ones which feature in you "nonchalance" and "non-attachment" to whether she likes you or she does not. Well, if she does like you then it doesn't get better. But if she doesn't, you have to show that there are a million other girls out there who are more than amazing compared to her.

Start training yourself and your mind from this moment. Don't underestimate yourself. You have to get this clear: She is not a challenge for me, I am a challenge for her. Place a high value on yourself. I keep reiterating this because in the presence of that special girl, every guy tends to wag his tail and sticks his tongue out like a hungry dog. Don't show you are desperate come what may!

Start with building your social network. Don't be afraid, you are not gonna freak out any girl if you just want to be friends with her. You aren't even flirting, just friends! That's it! Women are easy and friendly, so keep your inhibitions away and be fearless. After all you have set yourself high on a pedestal. Believe in that fact. Make friends with as many women as you can.

Abundance of Women...
As you start building your circle, try to penetrate into her social network too if you can. Out of all these women that you befriend, date as many women as you can... don't restrict yourself to
dating only "that one special girl." You are gonna have her and all this exercise that you are doing will only get you there.

Having an abundance of women in your life will start solving your problem. You will get her attention. You will see how that girl starts responding towards you differently. She will be intrigued with your personality. She will want to get to know you as she sees your strong personality. Psychologically, this is known as the "social proof" phenomenon. The phenomenon is stronger in women than in men. It causes her to get indirectly attracted to you.

Lets take a common example. We have all noticed that a guy who has got 4 babes sitting at his table grabs the attention of all your female friends. They all drool over him. Though they may say mean things about him or joke about him while they are in the group, secretly each of those girls has already developed an attraction towards that guy. You have to aim to be that guy. It doesn't happen overnight. As I said, you start building your social circle, start dating women, have a mindset of abundance and then it all starts to take shape.

Now get her! ... summary
1. It's fine to think a girl is beautiful and to have powerful feelings for her.

2. Always remind yourself that there are millions of other women out there who are just as wonderful as she is.

3. Place yourself high and be nonchalant and non-attached. Believe you are showered with an abundance of women. Think that she has to earn you and not the other way round.

4. Keep off feelings of desperation and neediness. You will eventually get what you want.

5. Build your social circle, hang out with as many women as possible. Date more women without going mad after that one girl. Penetrate into her range finally and she'll have all her might focused on achieving you.

Remember these secrets. Start from this moment and don't underestimate yourself based on your looks or anything else like that. You will eventually see that you won't just attract that one girl who you think is your "perfect woman", but you will have built a personality that will automatically start drawing a ton of other women to you like a magnet!

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Brian said...

Mannn! I am so gonna try this... Can't thank you enough!!

Flinch said...

Thumbs Up dude!
Guess you made my day...

Mike said...

Hey Mate! You seem like a pro on this with your entire series for men.

Can I get Demario's direct email please?

Akhil said...

I remember the last time I tried throwing around some attitude and she didn't care to even look back at me

Anonymous said...

Dude Indian girls are absolute bitches. They think too high of themselves in front of Indian men even though they are as ugly as f**k. Throwing any attitude towards them will get you no where. Bitches want dogs to "wag their tails and stick their tongues out" for them.

Anonymous said...

The advice to women about attracting men is to look pretty and don't negg, the advice to men about how to attract women is to make women feel insecure about themselves by dating other women. That's... Creepy.

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