About BlogJeez

What is this website about?
BlogJeez is a website for people from around the globe to talk about themselves and their personal lives to the world through the internet medium. People can share Secrets from their private life, make Confessions or write about their personal stories on BlogJeez under their own names, pseudo names or even anonymously.

On this blog you will also find quality content submitted by people from across the globe on relationships, dating, marriage, love, romance and so on... The content is sometimes moderated (and/or edited) by Team BlogJeez for a better reader experience.

What is the aim of the website?
People submit Secrets, Confessions and Stories from their life. These facts from people's lives are then made available to readers from all parts of the world. We at BlogJeez would love to see people from different cultures engage in discussion about their lives. Cross-cultural engagement leads everyone to look at things from different perspectives.

How do people post their content on BlogJeez?
People need to submit their content to BlogJeez after which it is reviewed by our team for suitability to be published. You can learn more about publishing your content by reading How to Submit Your Content and Guidelines for Your Content.

Does BlogJeez offer advice to people?
We often have people posting advice on various topics on Blogjeez. It is to give them a chance to show their reader friends from different parts of the world how they look at life. However, from our side, we have experienced and qualified contributors rendering advice through email. You can reach us here. You can choose to keep your story private by mentioning it in your email.

Is the content on BlogJeez moderated?
We accept people's life stories rather liberally. However, we like to keep a mild scrutiny on the advisory content submitted by people. All kind of submitted content including people's secrets, confessions, stories and advice may be edited (without changing its meaning) before it is published to ensure certain quality guidelines & great reader experience. Comments that seem inflammatory, insulting, defaming and abusive are deleted by us strictly.

Does BlogJeez state any disclaimer?
BlogJeez is a people-to-people platform. The sole intention of this website medium is to connect people in the most positive way that it can be engaging them in exchanging views with each other and thereby helping each other. However, we at BlogJeez would like to state that all the views that are expressed here by our website users are their own and do not necessarily reflect ours.

Does BlogJeez adhere to original content?
BlogJeez strives to ensure that all the content submitted by its users and published on our website is original. However, we will honour your claim on your content if it has been duplicated on our website and thereby the removal of any such content. Please provide proof of the same when you raise a request. Alternately, we would also love to have your content on our website (provided it passes our quality guidelines) attributing its source to your domain.

For any further details or queries that have not been adequately addressed here, you can reach us here. Please be patient as we receive several emails daily. We will definitely answer your email within 1-5 working days.

Thank You,
Team BlogJeez