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A. Where should you type your content?
You can type your content in any standard text editors. Examples of these may include:
1. Microsoft Word
2. Notepad
3. WordPad
4. Your Email Composer

B. What should your content include?
The content should include:
1. A Suitable Title
2. Your Name or Pseudo Name
3. Place:  (The location where it occurred... A detailed description of the place like the name of the cafe or library or school followed by the city and country name would attract more interest from readers)
4. Date: (The date when it occurred, this can be approximate)
5. The Body: Your content body should generally fall between 50 - 800 words. There is no strong restriction on this as long as your content can hold the attention of the reader.
6. An optional suitable image if any, which does not violate anybody's copyright. This must be emailed to
7. An optional profile of yourself with a link to your website, blog, photos, etc

C.Where should you send your content?
Email your content to

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Before you post your content, we encourage you to read the Guidelines for Your Content.

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