How to Kiss with Passion

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

So if you have been following all the video tutorials on kissing in sequential order, then you surely must have learnt a fair bit. It’s now time for you to enhance your kissing skills to make the experience more enjoyable and hotter! It is important to learn “How to Kiss with Passion” than just learning How to Kiss! The most appropriate place would be anywhere in private. Trying to kiss passionately in public draws too much attention and makes everybody uncomfortable.

Let’s watch the video below...

How to Kiss with Passion – Key Tips

Tip 1
You actually need to be passionate about your partner. You need to be with someone who you truly consider hot!

Tip 2
You need to have a good breath and oral hygiene to keep the fire burning between the two of you for a long time!

Tip 3
Experiment with different techniques than what you both usually do. Try to caress your partner’s lips with your tongue or suck on your partner’s lower lip. These are just a couple of tips. Do whatever feels right at that moment.

Tip 4
Keep it slow and soft.

Tip 5
As you sense things getting hotter, start kissing your partner’s face, caress their ears, run your fingers through their hair or even softly bite their neck.

Tip 6
Make use of your hands to hold your partner’s face and stroke their body.

Caution: If done as explained, passionate kissing can lead to a full blown session of serious physical intimacy. Proceed with it only if you are ready to get that close.

Hope you enjoyed this video on How to Kiss with Passion! To make yourself an irresistible kisser, it is highly recommended that you go through The Ultimate Kissing Guide and all its related videos below. The guide will teach you what signs to look out for before kissing, how to lead yourself into a kiss, how to kiss in different ways and give you some worthy tips & warnings that will enhance your kissing skills and make you an awesome kisser!

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Tyler said...

Ooohh.. Kissing with passion! Thanks for explaining with all those little steps and tips. Must say that's a great kissing guidee! You sure seem to be an expert on kissing.

Duncan said...

Lol! I couldn't control laughing after reading the caution the way its written. But I can't deny that its actually true! When you do kiss with passion, you tend to lose control over yourself...

Anonymous said...

Good Collection About How to Kiss

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