American Sex Life

Compiled by: Cohen Jenkins
Place: Yonkers, New York

This survey takes you through the sex life of Americans describing various facts, issues and statistics. The entire data is compiled from surveys conducted by universities, condom companies and government agencies and is completely unbiased. It tries to show the picture for the entire nation of USA as accurately as possible. A complete entertainer of a survey which has growing popularity and curiosity lately on social forums and platforms, it brings you some amazing and some shocking revelations.

Find out where you stand as an individual man, woman, girl, boy, boyfriend, girlfriend, teenager, husband, wife or partner... And if you are American too, then find out where you stand as an American!

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American Sex Life - Part 1

1. What is the average age for Americans to lose their Virginity?
Ans: 16 - 17 years
Girls tend to lose their virginity to elder guys whereas boys lose theirs to younger girls.
The world average is 17.5 or something like that! Americans bring that average down you see!

2. At what age do Americans start to get sexually active?
Ans: 15.5 years
Well, this doesn't mean they keep having frequent full-blown sessions of sex. It is only that they start getting involved in kissing and making out.

3. How many Americans have Premarital Encounters?
Ans: Almost a 100%!
This isn’t very surprising because it has been that way for many decades. The only difference is that in the 1950s, the average age used to be 20.5 years and now it is under 17.

4. What is the number of partners Americans have through their lifetime?
Ans: Little under 6 partners per person
American men: 7
American women: 4
If you belong to one of the big American cities, the figures might seem surprisingly low! But we are talking of the average of the entire country of America including the smaller towns too!

Surveys indicate that almost close to 20% American males and about 5% American females do have an excess of 20 partners!

5. What is the Frequency of Sex for Americans?
Ans: Married American couples have sex 2-3 times a week.
As per age groups:
-- The span between 18-29 years is the most active and the frequency is about 3.3 times per week.
-- From 30-39, it is about between 2.5-3 times a week.
-- People beyond 40 years will have a frequency between 1.5-2 times a week.

6. How often do American couples actually indulge in Foreplay?
Ans: About 70% of the times
That is depressingly low. Americans between 18-25 years of age are the most active when it comes to foreplay. This could possibly be because an average American lives a fast paced life compared to Europeans who have indulge in foreplaying more often.

7. What is the Length of Foreplay between American couples?
Ans: Close to about 20 minutes!
That’s pretty close to the world average too, which is about 19.5 minutes.

8. What is the Length of Intercourse between American couples?
Ans: The length of intercourse largely depends on experience, sexual position, ability of the man to control, etc.

The average for the entire population of the country is around 7 minutes which is on the higher side as compared to a lot of other countries!

However surveys have reported some Americans who last all the way up to 15 minutes! The average seems to be relatively way lower than that because the most active population is between 18-29 years and that’s the age gap where men don’t last long enough!

You are currently on the page displaying Part 1 of the American Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

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