The Girlfriend That Every Man Wants

Advice by: Serena Powell

Place: Bradford, UK

A popular New York based relationship magazine recently published an editorial on what makes a certain category of girlfriends more desirable to their men. A topic well studied, researched and surveyed by noted columnist Dr. Mark Montero, he brings out simplistic details that most girls and women can follow. As a woman, I can vouch for his guidance on being the girlfriend that every man wants.

Gorgeous looks and stylish appearances do make a girlfriend more desirable. But a man will grow out of that obsession soon enough. As a boyfriend, he needs his partner to have certain traits that would make her more adorable and command respect for herself.

1. A Girl with an Identity that is anything but, “His Girlfriend”
Men hold high regards and respect for a woman who can stay independent, work for herself and have a company of her own. He will think twice or even thrice before he can let such a gem of a person go away for it makes him the loser in the end. It makes his life easy too because he doesn’t have to attend to someone constantly.

2. A Girlfriend with a Friendly & Social Nature
It’s a treat for a guy when his girlfriend gets along with his family and friends. He has such comfort of mind when she fits into his social groups and when his folks truly enjoy her company. In return of making his folks happy, he values his girlfriend more and reciprocates with more love.

3. A Mate with A High Sex Drive
A girlfriend who initiates sex herself makes her more desirable to her man. Whether she offers to please him wildly or sweetly, he wishes to return the favor back in more than one way. A girlfriend with a high sex drive makes her man feel that his adventure with her is never boring and he dreams to explore more and more adventures with her.

4. A Girl who takes care of her Appearance & Fitness
A man would love to flaunt the woman he is with when he moves out with her. Taking care of your appearance, carrying yourself well in public and keeping fit keeps your man interested in you forever. It reassures him that if you can take care of yourself, you can take care of his family. Everything apart, staying beautiful makes you more confident and takes you into a high life condition. That itself heightens your ability to keep your man happy!

5. A Partner who is Smart
Being dumb is cute at times, but doesn’t take you too far. A girlfriend who can express her opinions and have stimulating conversations gives the relationship an echo; else it’s always the guy trying too hard. If you use your wit to surprise him on occasions, he’ll love you for that. Moreover, if your guy feels that he can discuss life and issues with his girl, he subconsciously considers you to be his closest buddy!

6. A Girlfriend who “Shows” she Cares for him
Men want you to “show” that you care for them. That doesn’t mean you need to stand by him only when he has had a catastrophe in his life. Basically, your gestures that surprise him with things of his choice and the ones that make his life easy are the ones which actively show that you care. Note these little things in your boyfriend’s life and do them for him.

7. A Girl who stops being a Typical Girlfriend
A typical girlfriend is constantly insecure, keeps nagging him when he is out, keeps cribbing about little issues and always gets late dressing up. Such pressure makes all men develop a serious distaste for such a woman. For a change, keep off your insecurities and check out women with him for fun. Let him have his boys’ night out. Get ready before him at times when you go out. Most of all stop cribbing and whining in daily life if you do! Trust me, he’ll fall in love with you over and over again!

8. A Girlfriend who understands her Boyfriend is a Man
Every girlfriend must realize that men and women are different. You can’t take a man out to for a day long shopping spree or expect him to understand that some color is mauve. On the other hand, you can’t expect him to cuddle with you at home when all his friends are watching the World Cup Finals! At times, he may crack stupid jokes, but as a man he’d feel proud if you shared a laugh. And in times of uncertainty, allow him to take the decision and respect it. A girlfriend who lets her boyfriend be a man can herself demand to be woman when she wants to!

If you are already in a relationship, you will start seeing within a couple of weeks how your boyfriend/husband starts responding more lovingly towards you. If you are dating someone, he’ll dream of growing old with you. My bet is he’ll share with his buddies how amazing you are and that will make you the girlfriend that every man wants!

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Shona said...

That was a really helpful. I've been looking all over the internet, but couldn't find any article as detailed and well written as this one....

Love all your posts too... Thanks Serena!

Missy said...

Thanks girl... Keep up the good work!

Chris said...

That kinda girl doesn't exist on planet Earth

Anne said...

Kudos! Must read for all girls...

@Chris: Go fish!

Team BlogJeez said...

"People, please be kind to each other in here..."

cheating partners said...

This is so true. I couldn't agree more with your post. Really enjoyed reading this blog in fact I had this bookmarked. :D

Anonymous said...

They are out there Chris I am one of them, you will find her one day as long as your eyes stay open

Anonymous said...

Great writeup! I am excited to stop the naggin and start being a better women to my man.
You have awakened me! Thanks for the info xoxox

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Needed some reassurance that I wasn't the only one that thought these things we're important.

Unknown said...

Some guys don't like you to be social and friendly to other people because their friends will think you are flirting even with old people...

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