What Men Want in A Relationship

Advice by: Serena Powell
Place: Bradford, UK

Understanding what men want in a relationship is rather easy but its just unawareness that leaves women in vain. This article is for all those ladies out there who think they know everything about men. Actually most of us have a twisted version of what men really are.

Smart women who have a successful relationship know what other women don’t. Here are those secrets and facts that go out to all my girl friends out there who wish to come across as charming and adorable to guys and have successful lasting relationships.

1. Signals & Invitation
Most men need signals from a woman when they are both mutually attracted to each other. Majority of the guys find it hard to understand if the girl is interested and avoid making a move thinking of a possible embarrassment. A short stare for five seconds clearly tells him you are interested and a “friendly smile” sends a signal you aren’t just looking for sex.

2. The Sensitive Side

Evolution has not given men a chance to handle emotional situations the way women can. Men are more sensitive than what we think. This makes men more introvert because they get overwhelmed when they pour their heart out. Helping a man open this chamber of his heart will show that you care for him.

3. Dominance & Ego

Men don’t appreciate a woman being dominant and having an inflated ego. It is perfectly all right to have your opinion. It is only fair that your man respects your point of view. But dominating over him makes him feel he is at battle with you and he reciprocates heartlessly.

4. Possessive Nature
Feminine nature makes us possessive about our men. Some of us make the mistake of pushing this feeling overboard. What it does eventually is that it literally makes your guy feel claustrophobic without any space to breathe. Anyone stuck like that would just want to break free then. All you need to do is just subtly convey that you are not willing to share him with anyone.

5. Feeling Important

Guys love feeling important right from childhood. Making him feel that he is special encourages him to love you better. Don’t let any opportunity go waste when even his smallest of actions are worthy of being appreciated.

6. The Past Fling
Every man and woman has had a past relationship or a fling. It is completely unnecessary and uncalled for to bring up something from the past when you quarrel or argue. It makes your man feel you don’t trust his fidelity. If you have feelings of insecurity, then deal with your insecurity separately without bringing up his history.

7. The Insecure Man

Feelings of insecurity cross a man’s mind too. As much as you want to talk about some bloke on whom you have a crush at work/school or about past relationships, zip the lip. He might not react directly to it, but it builds within him feelings of negativity.

8. Abuse

All men can get verbally and physically abusive or rash. It’s a bitter fact but true. Once in a while a man’s outburst can take that form which is a part of his primal instincts. As women, we scream, we cry, we get b*tchy and we do things that tick men off. The only thing you need to take care of is that his rough behaviour is only an instinct and not his habit.

9. Taken for Granted

Men love doing things for their woman. When your man does something for you, appreciate it and show a sense of gratitude to reciprocate in the least way. When you have been wrong, don’t wait to apologize to him. These little things make him feel that you are not taking him for granted.

10. Individual Identity

A man needs an identity of his own at work and during leisure. Encourage and talk to him about his work. Distribute equally the activities that he likes and you like when you are together. Respecting his work and being part of things he likes doing makes him feel his identity and activities are worthy. This makes him more confident and proud of himself.

To be a loving couple, every girl out there needs to truly understand what men want in a relationship! So, don’t be selfish and spread these secrets to our fellow sisters and girls. It’s for a good cause after all, you see. A satisfied man in a relationship is more than half the battle won, the remaining battle is satisfying yourself!

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Rita said...

Why can't MEN just be LITTLE SIMPLER!!!

Kristy said...

Men will be men.
But, after reading this it makes me feel that men are so much more complicated than women... Its such a cliche that "women are complicated", thats so not true!

Adrianne said...

I personally believe its better not to unravel this mystery about men because it will only make things boring. Again, its just a personal opinion!

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