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Tip by: Kevin Parker
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How to Make Free International Phone to Phone Calls?
Well you probably must have browsed through different websites on the Internet that promise you "free international calls"! But they all have some catch or some hidden fee!

Don't fall for any of the following gimmicks or catches for making free international calls...
1. Either you get a limited number of minutes per day or a limited number of minutes per call!

2. Some of them will tell you that it is as cheap as 0.015 dollars per minute anywhere around the world!

3. Others will interrupt you with an advertisement that you are forced to see before you make a call!

4. Then there are those who allow calling only between certain select destinations!

Come on people, we live in the era of technology and I completely detest paying absolutely anything or irritate myself with advertisements before making a supposed "free international call"!

The Most Reliable Solution for making Free International Phone to Phone Calls
Okay so the solution making free international calls from your phone to your sweetheart's phone living abroad is by making use of Skype. For those of you, who don't have an idea what Skype is, you can find out about it here.

Requirement to make Free International Phone to Phone Calls
1. Now we all have great phones these days, isn't it? Or for that matter, at least one person in a family has an awesome phone. All you have to do is download the Skype application for your phone and get your sweetheart to download the Skype application on his/her phone too! Skype is available for almost all phones - Nokia, iPhone, Android Phones, iPad! If you don't have any of these, you can download Skype onto your computer. Check out this page to get Skype!

2. Internet needs to be activated on your mobile phone. To make a superior quality call, you need to have a 3G connection or Wi-Fi Broadband Internet. However, don't get disappointed if you don't have a 3G phone or a Wi-Fi Internet connection around you. You can even activate GPRS (2G) Internet on your mobile phone. The call quality is still pretty good! Similarly, your sweetheart living abroad also needs to have internet connectivity on his/her phone.

Procedure to Make Free International Phone to Phone Calls
1. Download the Skype application for your phone and ask your sweetheart to do the same.

2. Sign up for a completely free Skype account from either your computer or phone, whatever is convenient.

3. Turn on the internet connectivity on your phone.

4. Login on Skype on your phone.

5. Add your sweetheart to your contacts on Skype.

6. Now whenever you both are online on Skype, you can just select the person's name and hit the Call button.

The best thing is...
-- You can call for as long as you want. No restriction on number of minutes!

-- You are not interrupted by any advertisements!

-- You can make free international calls or free local calls irrespective of your destinations!

-- The call quality is superior for 3G & Wi-Fi Internet and workable quality for even a GPRS connection!

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I want to know how to make international calls from multiple registered numbers without using lengthy pin, password and calling cards numbers, Register phone . It would be help full for me.

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