How to Handle Stress

Advice by: Catherine
Place: Toronto, Canada

Somebody just narrated a simple story to me today. Thanks to that "somebody". Its definitely something worth reflecting over what the story speaks.

A college class was waiting for their Biology session. The class saw the Professor enter with a glass of water. The Professor raised the glass he held and asked the class what they could see.

Prof: Well, girls & boys, what do you think is the weight of the glass?
(The class broke its silence and they yelled out their frustrations after the long wait for the Professor)

Class:500 gms!... No its a 100 gms! 325 gms!

Prof: (He smiled at them as they calmed down and curiously waited to hear what the Professor wanted to Preach that day ...) Well, honestly, even I don't know unless I weigh it myself. But my question is: What would happen if this glass is held up in my hands for a couple of minutes?

Class: Nothing! (They shouted in unison... but still curious)

Prof: Hmm... What if the couple of minutes became an hour?

Some Student: Your arm would probably start trembling with pain.

Prof: And if the hour became a day?

(The curiosity in the class grew at what the Professor was getting at...)
Some Student: You would go numb!(The class burst into laughter)

Prof: Smart...(he smiled yet again) But the glass still weighs the same! Doesn't it?

Class: Yeah!

Prof: Then why am i gonna be numb? (The class remained puzzled waiting to hear his answer. They mumbled among themselves...)

Prof: All right! What do I do to come out of this pain?

Some Student: Put it down Mr. Professor!

Prof: Bingo!
That's exactly what I was getting at. We have a zillion troubles in life. When they occur, they automatically just shoot right to our brain. You can't do much about that. And that is okay too for those few moments for the mind to handle them.

But, when we ponder over them and keep them there for a long time, we start to feel "stressed". Now, keeping them with you even longer only paralyzes your life completely. You are barely able to concentrate on the worthwhile things in life, things you can do that would keep you joyful. Ignoring your problems or running away is not the solution to those problems really. You need to face it and you need to mend things.

But for you to sort your life out and live joyfully, you need to be in the right state of mind. You need to put those problems down for some time. Enjoy your life. Get a great sleep without thinking about them. It only wakes you up stronger the next day with even greater energy and brighter mind to tackle all the stress.

That was a real beautiful story. It forced me to think how we escalate all stress & trouble all the time by letting it dwell on our minds. At least give it a shot the Glassy Professor Way. There is nothing to lose, right?

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Burman said...

So agree with you... We think of our problems way more than we actually should!! Life's easy really speaking...

Joanna said...

I think I really need to leave my work and be a mother & a wife when I am home. Just so difficult to make it happen. Thanks anyway!

Laharika said...

Simple yet beautiful, yet meaningful! I am going to completely stop thinking of my break-up after this.

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