Get Over A Break Up

Advice by: Azzan

Place: Tel Aviv, Israel

It is not as difficult to "Get over A Break Up" as we actually make it ourselves. Well, I just know people who went through this and what some of them did or realized in life that helped them get out of it. I just felt that I should put that down here so that it helps you come out of the grief.

More often than usual, it takes not one, but two people to bring down love...It wasn't just you!"

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1. Believe this Fact, trust me its true

"In almost 100% relationships, there always will be at least one extremely intense clash of emotions, desires or words which will bring the relationship to the brink of a break-up. And sometimes these clashes are so bad that its just not worth mending anything again."

Tip: Don't keep lingering around the break-up...
Love yourself & have some self-respect, please!

2. Ask yourself
" Why should he/she be responsible for your happiness & your peace of mind ??? "
I am so dead sure that you compromised on quite a few things earlier. Go ahead & take the step to do those things... Whether you have to be alone or with anyone else, just go ahead do it! You compromised earlier when you were nurturing the relationship, but now is your chance to treat yourself to some fun...
You are "entitled to have fun", isn't it?

Tip: Don't be so harsh with yourself!

3. Moving On...
" Why can't I get him/her off my mind ??? "
You've loved the person so damn much... Are you nuts that you are gonna get him/her off your mind in a flash? Obviously Not! But well, you gotta work towards it... Its tough, believe me... Very Tough, But Possible! Tell your mind you gotta be strong & follow this:
all his/her contacts including phone nos, email ids, messenger ids...everything.
Pack away
all the memories such as gifts, photographs, momentos, etc. of your ex and dump them somewhere.
Vent it out
When you really feel angry or you have a heavy flow of emotions, just pen it all down on paper, read it, preserve it! You won't write better essays than this ever, believe me.

Tip: When you get disturbed about what your ex must be going through, go play with some pet(animal) or kids or cultivate a plant or nurture anything with love.

4. Exercise
On a more serious note now, listen up here! If you do any form of physical exercise, it really helps to release stress & sadness... What more, you look & feel so much better!! I mean just go for a walk or jog somewhere, pump some iron,dance or just jump about... Just tire yourself completely to burn those calories & those memories!

Tip: Don't be a couch potato, you'll only keep dreaming or
hating life or analyzing something useless!

5. Now Talk to Someone
Once you have slowly started to recover, speak about it to someone. Share the burden of this horrible time with someone close. But don't you dare glorify your sweet times with your ex. Tell your friend/relative what troubled you & what went wrong. In the end, tell them that you are finding it hard, but you are trying to seek your way out.

Tip: The end of a disaster is the beginning of rebuilding...a new lease of life!
Be Positive!

Everyone who kept asking me "How to Get Over A Break Up" actually came and thanked me when they actually felt the difference in their lives. Take care and I hope you get over your break up soon!

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Brittany said...

Thank you!!!

This gives me something to look forward to after my break up... I was all by myself, but now I think I will surely try your ideas and let you know if they help me

Olivia said...

You make me believe there is so much more to look forward to in life than be lost in the pain of a break up... thanx! xoxo!

Mirjam said...

That helped!
thanks a million Azzan for your post!

Faranak said...

I am so used to him even deleting his stuff and packing away his things don't let me forget about him at all... What do I do? Please Help!

Steven said...

I appreciate your knowledge on the subject - especially that tip about cultivating a plant or playing with some pet, it has to come from someone of authority on the subject. I'll be trying it out to get over her.

how to get over a break up said...

If a relationship ends, we must be open to ourselves that not everything stays the same, there are things that will eventually end up. Steps might not be easy to move on and change the situation, but it's the only way to find yourself again.

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