Indian Sex Life - 2

Compiled by: Dr. Srivatsa
Place: Bombay, India

This survey about Indian couples is continued from here... A complete entertainer of a survey which has growing curiosity through the country, it brings to you some amazing and some shocking revelations as compiled by Dr. Srivatsa from Bombay.

It might be interesting for you to find out where you stand as an Indian individual or as an Indian couple! If you aren't Indian, just figure out how your lifestyle is placed relatively!

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Indian Sex Life - Part 2

9. Are Indian couples adventurous when it comes to trying unique positions, trying out different places, experimenting, etc.
Ans: Lately, Indians have opened up substantially in trying out some really adventurous and rarely experimented positions. Indians rank in the top 5 possibly in this respect.

The reserved civil society in India limits its people from being too adventurous in trying different places. The Indian woman being relatively shy as compared to her western counterparts, an Indian couple experiments far lesser.

10. How many Indians have Fantasies?
Ans: Indians have opened up in a large way to let interesting fantasies creep into their lives. At least close to 80 percent or more on a conservative note have some sort of a fantasy.

Indians have done quite a fair bit by now - inside cars, dirty talking, lonely places, trying out scandalous inner-wear, using tools and toys... the list is endless.

11. How comfortable are Indians with Oral?
Ans: Hardly 40% of Indian couples are open to it!
The numbers have grown gradually though since the 90s. Its relatively very new to the current people of India. Reality is, it is being revisited by Indians. It will take a while till they open up to it and make it one of the regular activities.

12. Do Indians indulge in pleasuring each other?... Mutually I mean!
Ans: Rarely!
Again, its the internet which is going to open this door!

13. What are the favourite playing styles for Indian couples?
Ans: In sequence from the top favourite to the least, here's the list
-- Man Over
This is how most of them start... which is also pretty common around the world

-- From Behind
This one's risen after the growth of the internet

-- Woman Over
Well, the society is male-dominated and funnily even in this respect. However this style is soon becoming a favourite because it helps last longer

-- Sitting (like on a chair, sofa, etc.)
On the lower side due to lack of privacy outside bedrooms

-- Sideways & Standing Style
These are the least favourite. This is primarily because of the non-athletic and relatively weak physical structures of Indian men. However, world over too, these styles are the least popular!

14. How many Indians climax regularly?
Ans: 48-52% Indian men 25% Indian women
The world average is 64% & 30% respectively.
Indians are way below the grade. More intensive education is required!

15. What is the number of Indians who have Extramarital Encounters?
Ans: Only about 7-9% Pleasingly low!
But there are 2 really scary facts here. First, the number has been on the rise. Second, India has a large number of HIV/AIDS afflicted people. So… you can draw your conclusions!

16. How many Indian couples are Satisfied with their Sex Lives ?
Ans: Indians top the list of being the most satisfied. The world average is less than 50%, but in India, more than 85% are satisfied with their sex lives.

You are currently on the page displaying Part 2 of the Indian Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

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Part 5 -- Part 6 -- Part 7 -- Part 8

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