15 Signs of A Cheating Husband

Advice by: Fredrick Carter
Place: San Antonio, Texas, USA

If you haven't read about the signs of cheating in relationships, then it would be a good idea that you do read it once at least. It gives you an in-depth insight into how most human beings cheat in relationships.

Irrespective of being man, woman, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, most human beings tend to leak out the age old classic signs of cheating! However, more specifically, here are the signs of a cheating husband.

Signs of A Cheating Husband

#1 Sign of A Cheating Husband
Personal Grooming
There is nothing wrong with taking care of your looks, but if the transition is too sudden, he probably is doing it to impress another woman. A cheating husband will start hitting the gym, get himself a new haircut and might even go in for some new outfits. He might start chewing on mint and will wear a deodorant regularly too!

#2 Sign of A Cheating Husband
Your Sixth Sense Suspicions & Intuitions
You will subconsciously spot some signs that will lead you to believe that something’s wrong. It’s time to keep your other senses wide awake to notice your husband’s activities. However, make sure you are calm and don’t over react unless you have hard proof. You may enter into a mature peaceful conversation, but do expect your husband to lie if he’s cheating on you.

#3 Sign of A Cheating Husband
Overflow of Affection towards You
In the early stages of the affair, a cheating husband will have feelings of guilt and he’ll want to make up in his subconscious mind. Your husband will shower you with extra love and extra pleasure. You might not question the sudden overflow of affection from him, but it would be wise to uncover the reason behind it.

#4 Sign of A Cheating Husband
Secretive Actions & New Found Love for Privacy
A cheating husband will have the call list on his phone empty and will be more possessive about his cell phone. If he gets calls from her when you are around, he might walk away, speak in a low tone, tell her that he’ll call later or might even hang up saying it’s a wrong number. He will start spending more time on the computer and his email inbox will be cleaned up to wash off clues. You’ll be lucky enough if you find a secret email account set up by him. Also, if you could get an itemized telephone bill, you might come across unknown numbers, repeated calls to those numbers and odd calling hours too.

#5 Sign of A Cheating Husband
Emotional Distance
When a husband and wife share their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions and their day’s routine lesser with each other, it’s a warning sign that he is getting his emotional fix elsewhere. The emotional distance will also lead you both to kiss and hug lesser and there’ll be a lack of “I love you…”

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