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Men or women, boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives – everyone will give out the most typical signs of cheating in a relationship. It doesn’t take you a Ph.D. to figure out these signs if you are attentive enough. It all starts with your gut feeling and then this huge list of 20 signs below can confirm the fact that your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, husband, wife or whoever it is, is cheating on you.

However, before you begin, here is a caution for you.
Caution: If you are someone who really trusts your partner a lot, you will tend to overlook these signs of cheating. However, if you are suspicious, you will read into things that probably don’t even exist. It would be wise to exercise caution such that neither do you wake up with a shock one day, nor do you make your mate’s life living hell with your insecurities and suspicion!

Signs of Cheating in A Relationship

#1 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
A cheating spouse or partner will give you an unusually large amount of attention. It builds up because of the subconscious feelings of guilt of having an affair. This attention will tend to reduce as the affair moves ahead. Some cheaters load their partners with gifts, some talk more lovingly than they ever do, some start taking up your responsibilities and so on.

#2 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
A cheating partner’s routine habits, attitude and perspective towards things will change for no good reason. One example could be that your partner starts giving more attention to their physical appearance, their body shape by hitting the gym, their style of dressing and things like that. You might also find that a cheating partner starts holding views that are quite opposite to their earlier views.

#3 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
You will notice that your cheating mate picks fights with you for petty issues or sometimes for no good reason at all and also doesn't make up for it. The person may even express disgust about carrying the relationship further with you. At times, you might hear statements on the lines of, “We will always be good friends even if this thing doesn’t work out between us!”

#4 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
As the affair outside your strained marriage or relationship gets more serious, your partner will start behaving very moody. A cheater on one hand will be having a great time when not with you and when with you, their response towards you will be cold. You will also notice a loss of considerate feelings towards you.

#5 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
Your mate’s taste in things such as food, music, movies, television, computer activities, etc will see a sudden change… This new grown interest would be because of the association with the person your partner’s having an affair with. Another sign of a cheater would be that they start using certain new catchy lines/words and finds new ways of being humorous.

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