Body Language to Attract Women

Advice by: Demario
Long Beach, Washington, USA

This article is for men who want to have a positive effect with their personality on women around. It gives an insight into how Body Language creates this effect.

Researchers at University of Michigan indicated that about 66% to 92% of human communication occurs non-verbally. It is your body language that perfectly mirrors your internal state of mind. Body language can tell what's an individual's mental state -whether he lost someone or whether he got promoted at work.

So, as a man if you want to attract women, seduce them, pick them up or even casually just flirt with them, you have to be careful what you're communicating non-verbally.

Women's minds are trained to subconsciously understand when men are trying to hit on them. What researchers have found out is that most men do the following when they wish to show interest in a woman:
1. Make eye contact and stare for too long
2. Smile as if they can sweep the woman off her feet
3. Nod at her as if to speak through expressions
4. Move within her range trying to get her attention desperately

Most men unknowingly do all this and in the end wonder why she didn't respond back. A woman's subconscious mind reads such a man's desperation. The right body language speaks the right words and even invites her subconscious mind without herself realizing that she is getting attracted.

Body language consists of the following:
1. Your Movements
You need to show that you are so fabulously successful that there's hardly any reason for you to rush into impress anyone. You need to move around in the space believing that its yours and that others will follow you.

2. The Displacement of Your Body
Spread your arms and legs as if you own the space. Don't be afraid to take up space.

3. Your voice
Be calm, soothing yet commanding. Don't speak too fast, too loudly or strain your voice.

4. Your face
Relax your facial muscles. Don't keep touching or rubbing your face. Just relax your jaw and once in a while you could show a little expression by raising your brow. But don't frown in your expression, try something more like a surprised smile whilst you read a book or you get a call.

5. Your shoulders
Relax your shoulders as if you got out of a massage. Don't raise them up like nervously.

All these are just basic rules to start with. At least you will see women responding better to you than before with these tips. Really speaking, it goes much beyond that. Probably as far as to say that body language at times is more important than what you speak. If your body language doesn't match your speech, more than often you will only fail out there.

Alpha males do this without much effort because they've naturally grown up that way. It doesn't mean that if you don't naturally have it, then you won't get anything. Every guy out there has the ability; as similar as anyone out there can learn how to drive a car.

If you tell a woman about your life stories that exemplify confidence, but at the same time if you your arms and slump over, she will be able to make out you are fake.

As part of the research, quite a few of these alpha males were observed. Here is an instance of one of these men sitting in a coffee shop:
He was at a coffee shop in his neighbourhood lounging on the couch, with his arms spread out and feet up on the table. He seemed so comfortable as if he was in the comfort of his own house lounging on his own couch. It was almost as if he owned the place.

A girl sitting near him put down her book and started making small talk with him.

The conversation went on for awhile, they exchanged numbers and the next day the same couple was seen passionately kissing each other goodbye at the same coffee place after their date.

Women would never risk making conversation with stranger men unless they feel some attraction. Whenever an attractive girl actually does that, you have to believe and assume from within that she is attracted to you. When there is no previous conversation, the only thing that makes her approach you and speak to you is your body language.

As I said earlier, beyond your body language it is extremely essential that you have a consistent internal alpha male mindset too. As your body language conveys that confidence, your mood and speech automatically shift in that direction.

Your mindset should be in a woman's personal space and interested in her. Don't make the same mistakes of seeming too desperate. Comfort yourself and enjoy your time. Build on that strongly and you'll see how your equation starts to change with women.

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Amit Shastri said...

superb stuff man!

I am a fan of your articles posted here...

Jen said...

That is manipulative... unfair way of playing on women's minds!

Felicia said...

Guys thats sick...
I agree with what Jen says above!

Haris said...

I have read that the more you try to be conscious of your body language, the more you screw it up because you are being unnatural. I don't think it works for everyone unless you can really carry off the pretence

Jake said...

Hey Demario,
I feel its more important to just let yourself loose. You'll probably go nuts trying to take care of every part of your body each time you see a chick sitting across a room

Karan said...

So does it mean that if I lounge myself in a coffee shop and have a girl sitting next to me I'll be kissing her the next day

Amazing Craft said...

A huge amount of research has already gone into deciphering the secret of how to make your man want you.

Anonymous said...

SO Jen and Felicia... What does make-up do again? What are push-up bra's for? Short skirts? Tight jeggings? Stop manipulating us then we'll stop. It doesn't even take game for girls. Girls can just open their legs and BOOM. Easy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the Anonymous person above says. If you are an ugly guy, you're screwed when it comes to women because you can't really do anything.
If you're girl on the other hand you have make-up, hair extensions and everything else the person above mentions.
It's not exactly fair to say by acting different it's manipulating the opposite sex when surely making yourself look attractive purely to attract men in the first place.
Being a guy, confidence isn't as common as you think but after knowing how to act and thinking that you know what you're doing, it does give you a big confidence boost whether it actually works or not.
If a guy really wanted to know how to put himself out there, he would read things like this because it's not something a lot of people are good at.
Try being a little more open minded next time :)
Also just as another little blow, you've just realised how right I actually am but I'm only 16 and can already see why people make so many mistakes. Have a nice life :)

Ben Young said...

This is definitely true. You use body language in our everyday whether consciously or subconsciously. Women know when you are lying or nervous. Men are generally poor in body language unlike women. Guys, if you learn enough body language, it will be helpful not only in hooking a girl but in your daily lives as well.

Unknown said...

Body language plays very important role to attract woman but make sure body language should not be odd or annoying. First try to figure out what type of girl she is whom you attracting.. otherwise you wrote great blog keep it up..

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