Whats up Daddy?

Secret by: Jim
Place: Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

I live with my dad and I am 16.

I was glad to receive my sister-in-law Sheila, her little daughter and Sheila's brother Ronald this April. We were gonna play host to them for a vacation we all decided to spend together. Her husband who is my elder brother was gonna join us within three days because he was at New York for business.

That evening, Ronald who is almost my age and I went out to Burger Master's. Dad was working at the hospital and was gonna be home before us. Sheila and her daughter chose to wait back home and skip Burger Master's.

Ronald & I had a nice meal and returned home at 9. My keys couldn't unlock the door to our house. I kept trying thinking it was jammed, but it didn't open. I called dad on his cell, but he didn't answer.

After quite a bit of struggle, knocking the door and calling out from outside the house, the door finally opened.

Dad and Sheila were both at the door. The look on their face, their clothes and the odour could totally say they were doing it. The little kid had gone off to sleep. The entire house was dark with no lights. They wore such an embarrassed look on their faces. Worst was that the idiots couldn't even dispose off the condom packet. Ronald & I knew exactly what had happened. But we both were so shocked that we didn't know what to say.

I went up to my room that night and I felt sick. How could dad do that to bro? I can imagine Sheila & bro are probably having some problems with their sex. Does it mean you fall that low? It was pathetic...sick! I left home the next morning and hitch hiked away for a month. I couldn't stand in front of bro and not tell him what had happened... nor could I create a scene by telling him because it would only destroy the peace at home.

I just hope dad & Sheila realize it was a mistake and don't be so foolish & weak ever again... "Bro I am sorry, but it was really not worth sharing it with you. I know you are mad at me for having left before you even came home... I'll be there next week to see you at your place."

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