Playa Boyfriend Pays for All

Secret by: Olivia
Place: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I believed that I was falling for Mac though we weren't together for long. Right from the beginning I knew he was a player, but nothing helped me get over my feelings for him.

Within 3 days of breaking up with Mac, he had a new girlfriend for a day. After 2 weeks, he had another one too. Worse was that I was pregnant by him, which I realized after dumping him. Even worse was that I couldn't stop thinking it was the wrong decision.

I needed to get over him! Mac as usual didn't seem to care. I was sure he will go the same route with another girl, then another one and then another one. I was angered, humiliated and was boiling from within. I didn't want any more girls going through it or crying over him.

I needed to finally get a grip, move on, but give Mac the s*it that he gave us all. I spent hours wondering how I would do that. What struck me was probably the most evil thing I have ever done. Here is what happened to Mac:

Mac had been trying to get Cathy, the hottest blonde in his Spanish class. He had been trying to woo her, but no luck, which was the ultimate ego hurt for Mac. Mac never had a girl say "no" to him. Cathy finally agreed to go out for dinner with Mac and she chose Vivace. I am sure Mac wanted a to score on her post dinner. After all he was in for a really expensive date!

Well, the scene was set. The evening came and Mac & Cathy were at Vivace ordering food and wine. That's when Jen & I arrived. Jen was overjoyed seeing Mac and hugged him with a kiss. Our blondie Ms Cathy was stunned and Mac was speechless. He could barely speak to introduce us. Jen said hi to both of them and introduced herself and me as Mac's ex-girlfriends. Mac O Mac, what was he in for he must have thought through those moments. Mac tried being gentle and offered us to join them. We giggled but with no shame accepted his offer. He could see Cathy getting so mad and his evening getting ruined.

Another couple of minutes as we scanned through the wine menu, Emma came in. I guess that was the biggest bomb that fell on Mac. Less than 5 days back he had just dumped Emma and now here he was with 3 hotties at Vivace. Emma sat beside me and we stared right in Mac's face. Emma, Jen & I were out for a girl's night. Emma was dressed to kill that night. She could make any guy go weak in his knees that night at the restaurant.

The plan was working. Never had I seen the studly Mac finding hard to gather words to speak. I am sure by now he had guessed we were playing on him. He was so dazed that he couldn't get any sort of control over the situation. We ordered wine, cured meats, risotto, caesar and tuna... I guess that was the list. Then we ordered more wine and still some more till we were giggling and swaying.

Drunk Emma lashed out at Mac and fought over their break up. She yelled at how he had been a player and disposed off girls like tissues as the whole restaurant looked in our direction. Mac was embarrassed to the core struggling to explain whilst we all laughed. Cathy's facial expressions shouted out loud how ignited she was waiting to kick Mac between his legs.

Then I excused myself to go the Ladies Room. Emma & Jen followed me. We finally left Mac & Cathy to have a moment. Jen hadn't even opened the door before Emma burst out with a deafening laugh. I am sure the whole crowd behind must have heard her! Here's the twist - Cathy followed inside and gave me a hi5! Woohoo!

We had all loved Mac but hated him even more. That evening Mac's self-confidence had gone down the drain and was lost in some gutters. We walked off from Vivace leaving the guy waiting for 4 pretty women! Not one came back for him! We walked the streets laughing and commenting on the poor soul! We had within us a sense of victory, girl power and ultimate satisfaction for having pulled off this prank on him... Each of us girls has a story to tell our grandkids now!

Mac had figured it. This was Mac's most expensive date and will always be for the rest of his life. The most memorable too, after all he had 4 hotties, but still not even one! The last semester passed and no one heard Mac going out with a girl all those months... Till today I get such a kick from having smashed Mac's ego, his self-confidence and embarrassing him in front of the entire restaurant.

"Thanks for the dinner & wine Mac!"

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Anna Maria said...

LoL! Way to go girls... :)

Stacy said...

Wicked ideas cooking up in my mind after reading this!

Nita said...

I wish I had done something to get back at my ex. Really feel I missed out on something big time now that I've read your story!

Anushka said...

Guys like Mac are big time losers

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