How to Flirt (Video!)

Here is a great little video if you are impatient to read the whole guide on How to Flirt. It gives you a few tips on flirting that you can use when you come across someone you find attractive and wish to flirt with.

Flirting is nothing but a developed social skill. It is a misconception that just a handful of people are born with this talent. Yes, there are some people who are bold enough to try flirting in their early teens and with initial success they climb up the ladder rather quickly. This implies that it is cumulative confidence that pushes them high up there. If you start experimenting your flirting skills and practice just a little bit, you can be in that league, without exaggeration!

However, if you really are interested in polishing your flirting skills and making a clean sweep each time you flirt, it is recommended that you do the read the entire guide -- The Fastest Guide to Flirting by Melinda Cox. This guide gives you all the best tips on flirting, the signs to look out for from the opposite sex, certain warnings to keep in mind while flirting and a whole range of other related topics to gear you up for the kill.

For now that you have reached this page, enjoy the video... (If the video is not showing in your Internet Explorer Browser, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and upgrade your flash player)

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