Types of Kisses

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There are various types of kisses that have come down till date through years of civilization and cultures. Relevant to this article are the different types of kisses that a couple shares as a part of their romance. These include...

-- A Smooch

-- A Lip Lock

-- A French Kiss

If you have not read, how to kiss before this, then you are recommended to read that first. It will teach you how you should lead yourself into a kiss, tell you about the signs to look for before kissing and give you a quick check-list that will indicate if a kiss is imminent with your partner.

Here further it is explained how you would smooch, lock lips and french kiss…

How to Smooch
This is a type of kiss where your mouth remains closed when your lips meet.

Step 1
Pucker your lips as you get closer and gently touch your lips to your partner’s lips.

Step 2
Hold it for not more than 2 seconds and pull back slowly.

Step 3
Smile for a split second and lean in again to kiss.

Step 4
You can repeat the process 2-3 more times after the first kiss.

How to do a Lip Lock
This is a type of kiss where you open your mouth slightly and part your lips only enough to cover your partner’s lips. Don’t open your mouth as if you are going to eat something.

Step 1
As you come closer, close your eyes.

Step 2
When you are close enough to feel each other’s breath, seal your partner’s lower lip with your lips and press softly. Use only your lips. Do not spoil the lip lock by getting your teeth into action however tempted you are.

Step 3
After about 8-10 seconds, slowly retract, open your eyes and gaze away if the sentiment at that moment is to stop.

Step 4
If however, you both feel you wish to kiss again, lean in one more time and this time give your partner the chance to seal your lips.

Step 5
Keep it slow and soak yourself in the passion of the moment.

After you have kissed, you may cuddle up together or hold hands. Gaze into each other’s eyes and keep the moment charged up engaging in some sort of physical contact. This will turn out to be one of the most romantic moments you share with your partner if you do it well. It will almost be like you are taken into a different world… a feeling that will stay with you for years to come!

Among the various types of kisses, the smooch and the lip lock are the ones that require lesser involvement as compared to a French kiss. However, they still are relatively more difficult because of the control that you need to have and the restraint you need to show in the ignited moment of passion.

A French kiss is rather liberal and is almost a foreplay to physical intimacy. Anyhow, here you can read about How to French Kiss your partner.

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Ursula said...

Hiya Cristina! I can't tell you how much you've helped me with this! Its not that I haven't kissed before in my life but after reading all this I know "exactly" what to do, when to do it and how to do it purrffectly! Hugs!!

Madhav said...

My girlfriend and I have not kissed till now. We've been seeing each other for close to about 4 months now. Do you think it is a good idea if I kiss her during a movie?

Team BlogJeez said...

It is difficult to say when it is the right time and right place for you to kiss your girlfriend since every couple is different and the dynamics of your relationship is also something that you know best. But do try reading the first topic in this guide called "When is the Right Time to Kiss" to help yourself better.

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