Insecurity in Relationships - Part1: Introduction

Advice by: Dr. Jeffery Haas

Place: Gardnerville, Nevada

This article has been written with absolutely no bias towards both the insecure individual as well as the person who has an insecure partner. It is worthwhile for both to read because insecurity affects not one, but both the partners and in turn the relationship. In fact, I would like to recommend anyone in a relationship to read it because our human nature at some point does bring up this emotion of insecurity directly or indirectly.

Serious damages can be caused by insecurities in a relationship. Knowing how to tame insecurity will only build trust and a long-lasting relationship. If you have been through an insecure phase in life or you’ve had an insecure partner, you will be able to relate to this article. By the end of the article, you will know:

1. What is insecurity in a relationship
2. What are the causes of insecurity in a relationship
3. What are the signs of insecurity and its negative effects on a relationship
4. How you can deal with insecurity in a relationship

So, what is Insecurity in a Relationship?
Insecurity is a human emotion in which a person in a relationship feels certain unease, has constantly wandering thoughts about his partner and often gets gripped by anxiety and nervousness. It is characterized by a loss of trust either from one or both sides. It can cause a rift between two people and sometimes even lead to health issues. The ultimate harm that insecurity can cause is that it can lead to a break up, which carries along with it a whole set of other problems.

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Alisha said...

I love the entire series. Its absolutely wonderful and so well written! I really don't need a shrink after reading your series. The least I can do is say "thankx"!

Natz said...

This is definitely what i needed and i am already thinking in that direction. I am back alive

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