Catching A Cheating Husband

Advice by: Fredrick Carter
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If you haven't read about the signs of cheating in relationships, then it would be a good idea that you do read it once at least. It gives you an in-depth insight into how most human beings cheat in relationships.

Irrespective of being a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, most human beings tend to leak out the age old classic signs of cheating. More specifically, to catch a cheating husband, here are the most significant signs to look for.

Cheating Husband: Signs of Cheating

#11 Sign to Catch a Cheating Husband
Strange statements in a Strained Marriage
As a couple, you two have been quarreling, but you make it up to him. However, it irritates him that he has to stay with you after you've made up. He can't be the obvious villain by calling off the marriage himself. Here are typical statements that most cheating husbands use:
-- I really care for you, but I don’t think I love you the same way!
-- I think our marriage is not the same as before…
-- Will we always be good friends if things don’t work out between us?
All these words are a result of skewed thinking. Your cheating husband starts to believe that the other woman understands him better, the new passion between them is more exciting and that they think alike on a lot of issues.

#12 Sign to Catch a Cheating Husband
Dull Sex Life
The action and thrill of a sex life that ought to exist between a couple is now almost dead between you two. A cheating husband might not even cuddle for that matter. And any move on your part will be negated by your husband for ridiculous reasons. Chances are that his sexual needs are being satisfied elsewhere and his guilt is tossing around your sex life.

#13 Sign to Catch a Cheating Husband
Car Clues
A cheating husband’s car can throw up numerous clues. The seat next to him has been moved, there is unknown hair in the car, the number of miles the car has driven just doesn’t add up correctly, the radio station is not the usual and the car is cleaner than he usually keeps it! The car might even smell of a different perfume that the other woman was wearing. Maybe your husband’s making the car smell better with a freshener to impress her!

#14 Sign to Catch a Cheating Husband
Hair, Perfume & Lipstick Clues
You’ll mostly find the other woman’s hair on your husband's shirt, on the car seat, his laptop, his bag and maybe his work stuff. If you promptly question him about that strand of hair, he will fumble in his reply, appear surprised for a second or maybe he’ll start getting defensive. You may even notice a ladies perfume off his clothes that you never wear.

#15 Sign to Catch a Cheating Husband
Finance & Expense Indicators
If you go through his credit card statement, you will notice your cheating husband has spent on things you've never seen. You might even find controversial items listed - gifts for women or dinners & lunches on days he was busy at work. Also, do check if your husband's phone bills are being mailed to his office or he is simply getting them by email to keep them off you.

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