13 Signs of A Cheating Wife

Advice by: Fredrick Carter
Place: San Antonio, Texas, USA

If you haven't read about the signs of cheating in relationships, then it would be a good idea that you do read it once at least. It gives you an in-depth insight into how most human beings cheat in relationships.

Irrespective of being man, woman, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, most human beings tend to leak out the age old classic signs of cheating! However, more specifically, here are the signs of a cheating wife.

Signs of A Cheating Wife

#1 Sign of A Cheating Wife
Personal Grooming
If you notice a sudden change in your wife’s grooming habits and the time spent on her personal upkeep goes up, then it might indicate she’s getting ready to impress another man. She’ll start exercising, dieting and working out to lose weight. She’ll ensure her nails and hair are perfectly done. Her clothing will be different than her usual. She’ll take care of her skin, buy new underwear and use a lot of perfume among a host of other things to make herself more desirable.

#2 Sign of A Cheating Wife
Emotional Distance
She’ll share her day, her emotional thoughts and her feelings with you noticeably lesser than before. The reason is that she probably has found somebody else to confide in and bond with.

#3 Sign of A Cheating Wife
Overflow of Affection towards You
In the early stages of the affair, she’ll have feelings of guilt running through her mind. To compensate for it, your wife will shower you with extra love and extra pleasure. You might not question the sudden overflow of affection from her, but it would be wise to uncover the reason behind it.

#4 Sign of A Cheating Wife
Overlooking Your Blunders
You will notice that your wife will go from being finicky and highly particular about little things to overlooking all those things that drive her mad. Basically, it implies that she really doesn’t care as much about what you do as she did before.

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