20 Signs of Cheating in A Relationship - 4

Advice by: Fredrick Carter
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Men or women, boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives – everyone will give out the most typical signs of cheating in a relationship. It doesn’t take you a Ph.D. to figure out these signs if you are attentive enough. It all starts with your gut feeling and then this huge list of 20 signs below can confirm the fact that your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, husband, wife or whoever it is, is cheating on you.

However, before you begin, here is a caution for you.
Caution: If you are someone who really trusts your partner a lot, you will tend to overlook these signs of cheating. However, if you are suspicious, you will read into things that probably don’t even exist. It would be wise to exercise caution such that neither do you wake up with a shock one day, nor do you make your mate’s life living hell with your insecurities and suspicion!

Signs of Cheating in A Relationship

#16 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
You will get to hear reasons for work or some other obligations that are causing your partner to get late or canceling things with you.

#17 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
You will notice a faint smell of some scent, cologne or perfume from your partner. Your mate will head straight to the shower after getting home at times.

#18 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
Sometimes you might find hair that belongs neither to your partner nor you on their clothing, work stuff or in the car. It is an obvious indication of something really wrong. Worst would be that your partner is dumb enough to come back home with a hickey.

#19 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
Your partner will be dumbfounded or mumble some stupid reason when you confront them with unusual telephone numbers on the bill, unexplainable transactions on the credit card and useless purchases of certain things that you probably haven’t even seen.

#20 Sign of Cheating in A Relationship
Your partner will sometimes not answer a call from an unknown number when you are around or they might answer the call and disconnect it saying it’s from a wrong number.

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