Misconceptions about Therapy

Advice by: Hank Butch
Place: Shanghai, China

Misconceptions about Therapy 
1. Therapy is for people who have lost their mind 
Yes! It’s true that therapy is for people who have gone crazy. Most of us who are facing issues in life tend to live in denial, though to the outer world we quite clearly appear crazy. It takes self-realization to accept that one needs someone to show the right way out of a downward spiraling life. It requires one to lay a fair amount of trust in that one therapist who can possibly restore normalcy and happiness through his expert methods and knowledge. 

2. Therapy is for whiners and complainers 
True again! At the outset it might seem that a certain category of people continue to whine all their lives and need to be treated. However, there are some of us who won’t whine, but will live in denial thinking that no real issue exists. What we don’t realize is that somewhere this issue we live unaware of ultimately stunts our growth, progress and happiness. It requires one to take a hard look at one’s life and further accepting responsibility for one’s state of affairs. 

3. I’m tough and smart to take care of my own issues! Someone like me doesn’t need a therapist!
It often hurts our ego to accept that someone is going to treat our mental issues. It might make us feel that are we so dumb? Are we so weak that we need to resort to therapy? Well, how intelligent you are and how tough you are has got nothing to do with this really. A therapist has a third-person’s perspective of your life and a broader outlook. He’ll lay down your life slit wide open from his angle and then allow you to make choices that suit you best. 

4. Therapists will keep raking up issues about my background 
No doubt about it! However, it is simply wrong to say that therapy is all about digging out issues from the past, people you grew up with and people you were associated with. When you walk in, you are a complete stranger to a therapist. Understand your journey till the present gives him a background and better equips him to understand the cause of your problems. The main focus then lies on solving your problem without your past being raked up! 

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