Oral Medication or Therapy

Advice by: Hank Butch
Place: Shanghai, China

Oral Medication or Therapy?
Let us first understand that emotional problems and mental traumas have multiple causes. It could be a break-up, a divorce, death of a loved one, financial distress or some other form of mental torture. There possibly can’t be one magical Master Pill that can suddenly rid everyone of such problems. 

Medication can definitely take your mind off something for a bit or put you off to sleep. That doesn’t mean it is the cure. And oh god, beware of the side-effects too! A therapist can dissect your life to see your problems, understand the symptoms and thereby wisely suggest a way out. It can be tough and will make you feel uneasy to go to a therapist, that’s for sure! However, the odds of lifting yourself from the ditch you’ve fallen into are way higher if you take to therapy as a treatment. 

The solutions and methods that a therapist can provide are significantly more effective and life-transforming than medication. Not only will you see a change in yourself, but you will make sure that the cure remains for a lifetime. 

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