Types of Therapy

Advice by: Hank Butch
Place: Shanghai, China

What are the different kinds of therapy? 
There are multiple types of therapy and multiple approaches to solving your problems. It would be inappropriate to say that a particular type of therapy works wonders, whereas another one is worthy of being discarded. What is most important is that you feel at ease when you undergo treatment. And as mentioned earlier, it all boils down to the bond between you and your therapist. Now, here are a few types based on the problem you are facing. 
a. Individual Therapy 
If you are facing trouble with yourself, lack of confidence is pulling you down, depression is harming your day to day life, or even if there are negative thoughts continuously riding your mind, you should take to Individual Therapy. 

b. Family Therapy 
If you notice that there is loss of harmony and repetitive conflicts in your family, Family Therapy is suitable for treating all the members of your family. It doesn’t matter whether it is one single individual at the root of it, or more people who are part of the quarrel. The idea is that everyone in the family together forms one unit, so it is ideal for everyone to attend. 

c. Group Therapy 
This type of therapy is best when there are people of the same age group, or same profession, or people with some common link are facing similar issues. It gives you a comforting feeling to realize there are more people like you who too are down with problems that are similar to yours. The struggle through this therapy provides inspiration and ideas that people can borrow from one another. 

d. Marriage / Relationship Therapy 
When couples in a committed relationship or a marriage are having a tough time to work out their differences, it is worthwhile to try visiting a therapist together. Both individuals need to accept the challenge and should be willing to give the relationship whatever it needs to make it work.

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