My Excitement Took a Life

Confession by: Juliska
Place: Budapest, Hungary

My husband and I went clubbing on a Saturday night. We headed to Mercure Hotel Korona where we were staying. That was one crazy night... the night I gambled with myself.

I could not control myself being alone with Nathan after so long. We were not that drunk and we didn't want to be. We wanted to make the most out of that night. After all, it was our last one on that trip. The madness just didn't stop and hell I didn't want it to. Nathan felt so good that night and smelt even better. He was an animal ripping off my clothes and I was spellbound by him... Rest what happened that night I can't describe here...

Its not that we forgot that night to use protection. The frenzy didn't allow us to. It was my first time with Nathan that way... I had heard you can get away with it at times if you choose your days right. I took a chance with it anyway...

Today as I am writing this, its been 4 days after I have been back from my abortion. I never thought it could happen to me. I was pregnant. Nathan & I were shocked, angry, disappointed and scared. I didn't want to abort the child in me. We were ready for a kid. Nathan is a banker and has a secure job and we have a lovely home. All that was missing was that little angel in our family.

Nathan argues that it was unplanned and convinced me to go ahead with the abortion. I feel I have taken a life. For one moment of excitement that night, we have become murderers today. I so wish Nathan would have let me raise my baby. I have always wanted one... And now when I had one, I have murdered it!

Do we have the right to take life even if its an abortion?

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