She Gets it All

Confession by: Stacey
Place: Vancouver, Canada

I hate confessing this, but Elisha gets all of it! Elisha & I are best buddies. She is rather good looking, hot, gorgeous! I am average looking, but I ain't bad at all. I am far more intelligent and witty than she is.

When we were at school, she used to get all the boys from our circle of friends. Whether we sat in a library together or walked in public places, she always had guys approaching her. It was disgusting and insulting that I was always overlooked. There is something about her!

My cousins wooed her when they met her. Hell even my boyfriend at times looks at her with probably some fantasies... I don't know! She isn't as smart as me at college, but she gets better grades somehow? Does she sleeps with the teachers?

Elisha still keeps joking, "Honey, I'll pass them over to you!" I don't want anything passed on to me, I want to get them on my own.

In a group too, Elisha is always the center of attraction. People laugh at her dumb jokes and even the b*tchiest of girls don't b*tch about her. That is so strange! Which planet is she from?

We both went hunting for a summer job last year and she found one within a day with just 2 attempts. It took me 3 days for the same and several rejections.

I feel very low to ask her what's the magic that she does... But is the world so shallow that it all boils down to your external feminine appeal?

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Anonymous said...

really love the pictures you use!

Anne said...

Isn't that a shot from Mean Girls?

Duncan said...

Why do women act this way even with their BFFs!?? Somebody please tell me that

Prithvi said...

Haha! Girls will always be girls

Yeah I think its from Mean Girls

Simranjit said...

Problems as usual with Good Looking Chicks!
Funny :D

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