Revenge: Stole her Privacy

Secret by: Paul
Place: Manila, Philippines

I am not used to being humiliated or made fun of in social circles. Imee was pursuing me for a long time and I wasn't interested. Throughout this time, I kept refusing politely whilst taking into her uncanny behaviour. She went a step further and clicked my girlfriend's pictures, which she and her gang have been circulating over the internet and in class. My girlfriend and I are foreigners in Manila because our parents work for the Foreign Embassy. Imee and her gang being locals have exploited this.

I had decided that it was enough and I was gonna pay Imee back in the same respect. I had kept my cellphone search on for finding active bluetooth devices in class. It took me 5 days to find Imee's bluetooth activated. The bimbo that she is had not protected her cellphone with any passkey.

I had always known from a reliable source that Imee was three-timing some guys. And yeah, she was after me too! I was her fourth prey...She is this ultra bit*hy nymphomaniac! Well, I found some real newsworthy stuff in her cellphone. She had some dirty messages, some flirty ones, some private pictures with 2 of those guys. The jackpot was a video of herself with one of the guys doing umm... you can guess!

Now that I have such juicy info about the bimbo, the college is gonna roll with her scandals. "Imee you messed with the wrong person!" Working on setting up an archive of her scandals and topping it up with Imee's video. The town's gotta get ready for some gossip!

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