The Break Up News

Confession by: Ethan
Place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I have decided to break up with my girlfriend Natalie by posting my break up letter here. I don't have the patience to face her anymore.

Dear Natalie,
I am going to cut a long story short. I am not being able to cope up with your ridiculous demands.

I can't keep updating you about every single detail about the venture I am trying to set up. I am trying hard to pacify your outbursts of insecurity, but you don't seem to stop. Vivian is just another partner like others who ends up working with me till late night. It doesn't mean that I am doing her. I can not do you these days because I am really physically tired and mentally tensed about the whole thing. Its not because I am satisfying Vivian that I have no energy.

I have always thought of you as my greatest strength. Unfortunately, you are only becoming my greatest weakness. Coming home to you after a herculean day at work is only demotivating me.

Its in your best interest that you find someone who will live up to your demands. I wish I could because I still love you.

I hope you understand that I am not just reacting all of a sudden. Its been growing within me and finally today I have lost my patience. I have packed all my stuff and am driving away to the studio where I will be staying till I find myself a place.

Your Ex,


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