First Kiss Tips

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

Here are some extremely simple, yet really valuable First Kiss Tips if you think you are going to kiss your sweetheart sometime soon! I want you to read these "key tips" before you proceed to the video below about your First Kiss to help you teach yourself better:

#1 First Kiss Tip
Throw away all your inhibitions when you know it is the right time for your first kiss. Hesitation can spoil your moment!

#2 First Kiss Tip
Your first kiss can make you feel shy. It is always good to stay away from public eyes and avoid embarrassment that will make you awkward.

#3 First Kiss Tip
Since it is your first kiss, you might end up knocking your teeth or misalign your faces in the pressure of the moment. Whatever goes wrong, just laugh it off and continue.

Sit back and watch this short video below… It will help you visualize the above points and get a real life feel for your first kiss.

Hope you found these First Kiss Tips truly helpful! To make yourself an irresistible kisser, it is highly recommended that you go through The Ultimate Kissing Guide and all its related videos below. The guide will teach you what signs to look out for before kissing, how to lead yourself into a kiss, how to kiss in different ways and give you some worthy tips & warnings that will enhance your kissing skills and make you an awesome kisser!

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Heather said...

So damn nervous about my first kiss with my boyfriend.. We both just know we are gonna kiss for the first time when we meet tomorrow! I hope your kissing lessons help me ;-)

Nick said...

I really messed up my first kiss last night! This girl who I kissed yesterday has kissed before and she kinda giggled when I couldn't do it right. I kinda felt all awkward about it after that and I just gave it up... Should I try kissing her again sometime? I think she still likes me though!

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