How to Kiss Creatively

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

You can be new to kissing or someone who has been kissing since a long time. Don’t you think the same kind of smooching, locking lips and French kissing gets a little monotonous! It would be a welcome change to spice up your kissing routine with more creative ways.

I am sure you will giggle through the video below and also find some really creative ways of kissing. Here are a couple of kissing styles that most people said that they actually found worth experimenting with their partners.

1. The Reverse Kiss / Upside Down Kiss
Standing or kneeling behind your partner and kissing with your faces upside down

2. The Facial Kiss
Kissing your partner’s face all over and making little noises

Lets learn How to Kiss Creatively with this cute little video below…

Hope you enjoyed this video on How to Kiss Creatively! To make yourself an irresistible kisser, it is highly recommended that you go through The Ultimate Kissing Guide and all its related videos below. The guide will teach you what signs to look out for before kissing, how to lead yourself into a kiss, how to kiss in different ways and give you some worthy tips & warnings that will enhance your kissing skills and make you an awesome kisser!

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Shikha said...

Really enjoyed it :-)
Cute creative kissing ideas!

Lucille said...

Arghh come on! Who kisses like that!

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