How to Initiate a French Kiss

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

A French kiss is a type of kiss where you open your mouth and your tongue flickers and brushes against your partner's tongue during the act. Now your partner might not necessarily be ready for a French kiss or might even get taken aback by your unwanted excess display of affection. A French kiss is most appropriate for the following situations:

1. During foreplay

2. While making out

3. While going all out

4. When you are at one of the 21 Most Romantic Places to Kiss

5. While cozying up in a dark area in a bar or a romantic restaurant

6. When vacationing at tourist destinations with not too many people around

So, if you think that you are in one of these above situations and a French kiss is imminent, then this video will teach you how to initiate it.

The idea here is simple. In this case, it is the guy who wishes to initiate a French kiss. So right at the beginning when they lean in to kiss, he opens his mouth slightly wider and brushes his tongue against the girl’s lips before he begins to kiss her. She senses the wet feeling and gets the hint. If she feels comfortable, she will either allow him to steer the kissing session or lick his lips back to give him a nod that she too is willing to go in for a French kiss.

Hope you liked this video tutorial on How to Initiate A French Kiss!

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Keith said...

Cristina really knows a hell lot about kissing and french kissing and all about kissing! The visual and the instructions are simply amazing!

Megan said...

I have braces and I wanted to know if its safe to French kiss with my braces on?

Anonymous said...

It is safe to French kiss with braces. Just be careful when you do. ^-^ have fun!

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