13 Usages of Flirty Text Messages

Flirty Text Messages by: Daniel
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Once you have set the conversation rolling between you and your love interest, you need to inject in flirting with some flirty text messages to keep the excitement alive! Here I have chosen for you some of the most popular lines that people use while flirting over text messaging. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!

By the way, if you aren’t really aware of how to flirt with someone over text messaging, you can try to get an in-depth idea about it here.

1. Let’s say the other person cracks a joke. Instead of replying back with just a “Haha”, you say something like:

- Haha! Come over for a movie at my place this weekend, I’ll get the food, you bring laughter!

- Haha! Why don’t you come along with me to Jim’s party tomorrow? I’ll get the food, you bring laughter!

2. If your partner hints that they are bored or that they haven’t done anything too exciting through the day, you could try something like:

- Well, I’m heading out for some ice-creams and smoothies? You wanna come along?

3. When your partner pulls your leg, makes jokes about you or pokes fun at you, hit back with something like:

- Okay now! When you gonna make up for this? You owe me one! And by the way, I won’t let you away with just an ice-cream…

4. If your partner is saying that they miss you or that you really should’ve been there for a certain event or something on those lines, you could go like:

- I know I’m so adorable! I’d probably miss myself too if I wasn’t around :-)

5. When you know someone’s interested in you and sends you a message saying “Hey, what’s up?”, you can reply with a little compliment to make the other person feel good and show off a little bit...

- Hey sweets! Just got back from the gym… Can I just go for a shower and get back?

6. Try to use the other person’s name once after every 4-5 messages you send. It gives a feeling of being personal...

- Hey Katie you’re really gonna miss it! You’ve gotta be there :-)

- Hey Pete! Stop that now… ;)

7. When you actually find something really funny, the other person won’t know it and while messaging you have to exaggerate things to convey the emotion…

- LoL! You really really make me laugh my guts out! Where do you get those jokes from?

8. At times you will have the other person describing a certain achievement or something that they did that was noteworthy. At such times, don’t lose out the opportunity to make them feel good…

- Wow! Am I impressed or am I impressed with you now?... Choose one :-)

9. If there’s certain level of intimate comfort in your conversations, you could try:

- So what are you wearing tonight?

- Do you sleep on your tummy or on your back?

10. When it’s the first text for the day from that special person that you receive, maybe being cocky and flattering at the same time is fun...

- Hey who’s this exactly? Are you the pretty chick/cute hunk from last night?

11. A sudden change of topic in the midst of a flirty texting session going on...

You: By the way, hold on… I need to confess something, sorry!
Your Partner: Yeah, tell me what is it?
You: The first time I saw you, I was like... Wow ;)

12. You could try being assertive to go out casually with that person without making it seem like a real date...

You: So what do you do in the evenings generally?
Your Partner: Bla Bla Bla
You: Okay you’re gonna be doing something different tomorrow evening, I bet! :-)
Your Partner: What makes you say that?
You: Coz I am taking you for a drive around the city. 9pm tomorrow... And stop getting so excited ;)

13. If you and your partner are people who meet often at work or college or at some hobby class, you could leave a message the same day when you reach home saying something like:

- You were so dressed to impress me today, weren't you?! ;)

By now I am sure, you have got an idea how to flirt with someone text messaging. As mentioned earlier, if you really want to get good at flirting over text messaging, you are recommended to spend a quick ten minutes reading this. Either way, happy text flirting :-)

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