How to Text Flirt

Text Flirting by: Daniel
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Looking at sending out Flirty Text Messages? Before you rush into choosing a flirty text from some random collection of messages, read up a little on the art of Text Flirting! Just picking any message and shooting it out is plain outrageous!

How to Text Flirt?
Knowing how to text flirt can heighten your chances of getting a date with someone or even sparking up romance in a relationship that’s gone dry! These tips below will groom you for the world of text flirting!

#1 Choose an appropriate time for Flirting
You have to answer 2 questions…

-- When is the person most receptive to flirting?

-- When will the person have enough time to keep exchanging messages with you?

Individuals are generally most receptive to flirting when they are alone, bored and unoccupied. If someone messages you they are at a boring party, it is a sign of flirty intentions! At nights or evenings, most people tend to be done with their work or school. Sometimes a weekend morning may also be a good idea. Basically, you need to know the other person’s schedule really well! That way, your flirty text message receives due attention and text flirting yields happier results!

#2 Confirm the recipient’s number you wish to text flirt with
Your phone’s address book probably has names starting with “Mo” that could stand for Morris, Monica or for that matter Mom too! Now how embarrassing would it be if a flirty text message reached your Mom’s inbox instead of your sweetheart’s, right?

#3 Keep it casual for starts
Whether you are just flirting or text flirting, you have to start off casually as if you almost have no intention to flirt. This puts you in a higher position! To begin with, if you came across a really funny joke, try sending that out for a conversation starter. Else, just ask some open ended questions about their day or anything else that will invite an answer in more than just a single sentence.

#4 Never portray yourself as desperate, creepy or needy
-- If you’ve just met the person and got their number, don’t just start shooting out messages! It may be the simplest way to initiate flirting, but doesn’t have a great effect! Come up with a genuine reason and make a call first, even if it is for only a minute!

-- While text flirting, never use lines such as “please text me back”, “why aren’t you replying”, “are you busy”… Stop right there! Learn to resist for a day if there is no response!

-- Don’t go on and on with your messages like 10 times through the day! What on earth do you think you will achieve? Just one conversation a day is enough! Resist yourself, or get made fun of as a nagger, stalker or freak, the choice is yours!

#5 Paint yourself as a fun person always having a good time
If your text messages are fun, upbeat and humorous, the other person tends to associate you as a positive personality. A little bit of lying helps at times! Everyone finds people in a high life condition attractive. And attraction invites flirting! So always avoid complaining or whining when you are messaging, unless you are using it to poke fun or make jokes!

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