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Looking at sending out Flirty Text Messages? Before you rush into choosing a flirty text from some random collection of messages, read up a little on the art of Text Flirting! Just picking any message and shooting it out is plain outrageous!

If you have missed out on Tips 1-5 on How to Text Flirt, please read them too. Unless you follow every little tip on text flirting, you are gonna fall short of getting anywhere far with your intentions!

#6 Use occasions to your advantage
Occasions are a good time to show that you are genuinely interested in the person than just flirting…

-- Wish the person luck before an exam, a performance or an interview

-- Congratulate them for getting their first pay check, getting a job, winning something or even for performing a simple task

-- Show concern when needed. You don’t flirt at this time, but it builds a rapport for later.

#7 Keep your messages short & simple
Text Flirting is meant to be fun, quick and swift! Long texts get boring and kill the enthusiasm of flirting! However, keeping your messages short doesn’t mean using too many abbreviations - Research tells that such messages appear unattractive because it takes time to figure out what’s written. So here are a few tips…

-- Load the person up with short and amusing compliments.

-- Try injecting some humor. It doesn’t need to be a joke always! Real life situations are more effective way of communicating you are a fun person!

-- You may also tease the person without crossing the line. When you text flirt with someone, often there are chances of being misunderstood due to lack of face to face contact. So you must use emoticons!
Eg: “That sounds awful! ;)” ---- “That sounds awful!” ---- Did you note the difference?

#8 Response time for texting back
When you intend to text flirt with someone, you don’t always have to hit the reply button right away. If you come across as unpredictable, it builds an attraction towards you! Mix it up to keep your partner guessing! Sometimes reply as soon as you receive the text, sometimes delay it a bit and at other times you could send a rude message for fun and before your partner even finishes reading it, send in another flirty text saying you were kidding. Just remember that you shouldn’t go too overboard with the delay that your flirting partner feels you don’t wish to flirt anymore!

#9 Conclude with setting up a date
If both of you are comfortable to take your text flirting to dating, then you have to seal the deal. At any point in during text flirting when you feel you both have run out of things to say, you have to cut off the conversation and conclude! A few ways to do that are…

-- I really enjoy doing this and I think we should catch up sometime, what say?

-- I think I teased you so much today that I think I owe you one now!

-- There’s this movie coming up and I guess it’ll be quite awesome…

-- Wow, you really make me laugh so much! I’ve gotta meet you for sure!

Come what may, be sure to conclude your session of text flirting on a high note! Build the excitement that makes your partner look forward to something. Learning how to text flirt is a part of grooming yourself for social interaction with the opposite sex. If it doesn’t go perfectly, there will be enough reasons to analyze, but not a single reason to give up! Keep at it and experience tells me you’ll get better!

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