37 Gifts for Girls

Gift Ideas by: Brendita Carton
Place: San Antonio, Texas

How confusing and difficult it gets at times when it comes to choosing gifts for girls! Knowing a girl’s personality, her interests and her favorite things can make it easy to choose the perfect gift for girls. But almost all girls are so mysterious that we barely can be sure of one single thing that would make her melt… it could be the simplest little inexpensive thing that can do the trick and at times you may really need to spend to pamper her! Here’s a list of 37 gift ideas that we think would make beautiful gifts for girls!

gifts for girls14. A Teddy Bear or Some Other Cute Soft Toy
Traditionally the most hugely popular gift for girls has been teddy bears and other such soft toys. They almost always work and rarely ever go out of fashion. A lot of girls often hug their teddy bears when going to bed and some would be crazy enough to even talk to them. But what matters here is that she’s never going to forget where that teddy bear came from – You!

15. Jewelry Box gifts for girls
Well it’s only a box, not the jewelry inside! So it needn’t really be that expensive. Look for a box that probably has a message or something engraved on it, or a picture of something that is significant in a way relevant to her or could even just be plain, polished and scented but gives an antique feel to it that sets it a class apart. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but if you can’t get her diamonds, you surely can find a box to protect them and keep them safe!

gifts for girls16. A Handbag
Even if your girl has the coolest range of handbags, she wouldn’t mind adding yet another one to her list. There is something about handbags that only a girl can feel that men simply don’t understand. She might squeak and give you a big hug for getting her a handbag. You’ve gotta keep in mind her age, her dressing style and the color of the bag before you decide to buy something, especially if it is gonna be an expensive designer handbag or purse!

17. Sunglasses gift ideas for girls
Sunglasses make everyone look stylish and hot, especially the oversized celebrity kinds. The best thing is that you don’t quite have to worry about the budget because you can go from the regular brands to the designer line of sunglasses, whatever suits you! So the next time you walk down the streets on a bright sunny day with your girl, you could make her wear those awesome looking sunglasses and flaunt her alongside you!

gift ideas for girls18. A Gift Coupon from a Designer Store
Choose a brand that she really loves or something that she’s been longing to buy for a really long time. It could be designer dresses, footwear, sunglasses, wrist watches, lingerie or jewelry. Whatever you think will sweep her off her feet after holding that designer store gift coupon in her hand, just go for it! Rare chance that she might be less than overjoyed when you gift her something really exclusive…

19. A Gift Basket with her favorite things gift ideas for girls
You could uncover the child in her when you surprise her with a gift basket that’s filled with her favorite things. These could be her favorite chocolates, delicacies, accessories, coffee, spa products, beauty products, body products, cute looking tops, a clutch or purse… Find out what are her favorite things and then wrap up each little thing with some shiny gift wrapping paper, so that she just keeps going nuts each time she opens something!

gift ideas for girls20. A Sweatshirt or Sweater
These could actually turn out to be a very versatile gift for a girl. You could style a sweater with skinny jeans or leggings, wear it to work or even if you are just going out for a walk when the temperatures fall low. Plus sweatshirts and sweaters also often make a style statement when paired with the right kind of clothing. The best part is that you have such a wide range to choose from for both aspects – price & style!

The essence lies in being unconventional, unusual and adding elements of surprise when you buy gifts for girls. These gifts for girls will make them melt, will make them squeak with surprise, reward you with a tight hug & lots of kisses and make them fall in love with you forever! Be creative, know your lady and think out of the box!

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