37 Unique Gift Ideas for Her

Gift Ideas by: Brendita Carton
Place: San Antonio, Texas

How confusing and difficult it gets at times when you have to come up with unique gift ideas for her! Knowing her personality, her interests and her favorite things can make it easy to choose the perfect gift for her. But almost all women are so mysterious that we barely can be sure of one single thing that would make her melt… it could be the simplest little inexpensive thing that can do the trick and at times you may really need to spend to pamper her! Here’s a list of 37 unique gift ideas for her that we think would make beautiful gifts!

unique gift ideas for her33. A Website Dedicated to Her or the Two of You
This one will require quite some amount of time, research about your girl and planning. It is best if you’ve known her for a long time. Make a collection of her photographs, her videos, the funny things she says, list of her typical habits, her favorite one liner quotes she uses, some music she likes listening to… It would be a completely unique gift that she probably will never receive in her lifetime and she’ll fall more in love with you for loving her so much with all your painstaking actions!

34. A Surprise Photo Shoot at a Studio unique gift ideas for her
Tell her that it’s her day and you are taking her out somewhere! Buy her a gift when you first see her, so she’ll probably think that there’s no surprise element remaining. Make advance arrangements at a studio for getting a stylish photo shoot for her – Discuss at the studio what kind of outfits you could try, use some props, look up some images on the internet for poses… Plan out an entire session for her! When the prints come out and she holds the album in her hands adoring herself, she’s gonna feel absolutely on top of the world. And who better to attribute the source of this happiness to – You, her sweetheart!

unique gift ideas for her35. A Paperweight with some Engraving
Often the easiest gift that comes to our minds is an artifact or a show piece… But unless your girl really appreciates art and is fond of it, it is completely a waste of a gift. Why not instead buy her a paperweight and engrave a nice little message or just her name on it? That’s something she could keep on her table and use it often and even think of you when she sees that message engraved on it! Simple, straightforward and inexpensive, yet plants a seed in her mind to think about you!

36. Little Gifts Through A Treasure Hunt unique gift ideas for her
You could set off your girl on a treasure hunt around the town or your area. Basically, she has to solve simple little clues at every destination to find out what’s her next destination. On reaching the next destination, you could reward her with a little gift and also a clue to find her next destination. It would be hugely exciting and such an unusual gift! Trust me, she would just love this! Imagine that she solves a clue at one destination and the answer is to reach a nearby store, she walks in there and you’ve arranged for her to be gifted there by the store’s staff. Then she gets another clue to move to her next destination, where another gift would be waiting her! A little planning and a lot of effort is all that you require!

unique gift ideas for her37. Create A Presentation or Video
A hugely meaningful gift to show your girl how much you love her! All you need is a lot of pictures, a lot of creativity, about 3-4 hours of time and some decent computer skills to make a presentation or a video of her life. You could use some free video and presentation making software available on the web too! In the process of making this entire video cast, you will find so many little things about her that generally go unnoticed and if you highlight them, she’s bound to fall in love with you over and over again!

The essence lies in being unconventional, unusual and adding elements of surprise when you have to come up with unique gift ideas for her! These unique gift ideas for her will make her melt, will make her squeak with surprise, reward you with a tight hug & lots of kisses and make her fall in love with you forever! Be creative, know your lady and think out of the box!

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