37 Gifts for Women

Gift Ideas by: Brendita Carton
Place: San Antonio, Texas

How confusing and difficult it gets at times when it comes to choosing gifts for women! Knowing a woman’s personality, her interests and her favorite things can make it easy to choose the perfect gift for women. But almost all women are so mysterious that we barely can be sure of one single thing that would make her melt… it could be the simplest little inexpensive thing that can do the trick and at times you may really need to spend to pamper her! Here’s a list of 37 gift ideas that we think would make beautiful gifts for women!

gifts for women8. Jewelry – Necklace with pendant, Earrings, Bracelet, etc
Jewelry and accessories are generally quite safe to gift to a woman. If she is really fond of loading herself up with accessories and jewelry, you could go ahead and buy anything right from a necklace to earrings and bracelets, etc. Even if she isn’t quite like the women who are crazy about such things, studded earrings would be a good idea because they aren’t very flamboyant, yet look pretty on most women! A heart shaped pendant or earrings could feel quite romantic!

9. A Compilation of Romantic Songs or Moviesgifts for women
Romantic songs and movies are a great way to make her mind wander into a dreamland where she thinks about the two of you! And each time she pulls out the disc to play it, she should see your beautiful compliments written for her… That would set the perfect mood for her even before she starts to listen to those songs!

gifts for women10. A Makeup Kit
You could go for a full-blown make up kit that she can use at home or a little one that she can carry around in her purse. She will definitely admire this gift and she’ll love experimenting and trying new styles. There are a ton of things you could choose from – face color, eye liners, eye shadow, brushes of different kinds, mineral foundations for the face, light make up stuff, travel make up kit, naked make up stuff… Just walk into a store and ask the ladies to help you choose the perfect thing!

11. A Scarf, Shawl or Throwgift ideas for women
Scarves, shawls and throws make almost all women look cute. There’s something about winter that makes women dress up to seem utterly sweet. Even if your woman has a huge collection, she still would adore one more addition to her wardrobe! But make it special… Don’t just give it to her, put it around her, give her a peck on her cheek and hold her close to show some love. Appreciate her and tell her she looks pretty! It’s her special day; you need to make her feel it!

gift ideas for women12. Wrist Watch
A wrist watch apart from just being an instrument showing time does quite a lot more – It is an important accessory for a girl, it adds to her style quotient and it can add to her collection of watches that could specifically suit certain outfits that she wears or certain occasions for that matter. Wrist watches can be chosen based on what feature you wish to add to your woman’s wrist – trendy, sleek, oversized, large dials, glossy & reflective, stylish straps, modern designs, posh & expensive looks, designer themes! Have something in mind before you walk into a store, else you are sure to confuse yourself… But do hunt through at least 2-3 stores to pick the best!

13. A Pair of Shoes
Now we all know how crazy women are about shoes – the glee that appears on her face and the twinkle in her eyes when she looks at a pair of pretty footwear is worthgift ideas for women a million bucks! If it seems a bit embarrassing for you to walk into a women’s footwear store, take help from a female friend or simply walk in with another guy – that would probably reduce your discomfort. But do find out in advance what shoe size she wears so that you get her the right size! Do a little research about the kind of footwear she likes, what she’s comfortable wearing and stuff like that.

The essence lies in being unconventional, unusual and adding elements of surprise when you buy gifts for women. These gifts for women will make them melt, will make them squeak with surprise, reward you with a tight hug & lots of kisses and make them fall in love with you forever! Be creative, know your lady and think out of the box!

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