37 Gifts for Your Wife

Gift Ideas by: Brendita Carton
Place: San Antonio, Texas

How confusing and difficult it gets at times when it comes to choosing gifts for your wife! Knowing your wife’s personality, her interests and her favorite things can make it easy to choose the perfect gift for your wife. But almost all women are so mysterious that we barely can be sure of one single thing that would make her melt… it could be the simplest little inexpensive thing that can do the trick and at times you may really need to spend to pamper her! Here’s a list of 37 gift ideas that we think would make beautiful gifts for your wife!

gifts for your wife21. Lingerie
Lingerie makes a very sensuous and intimate gift for your wife. But you’ve gotta make sure you are getting the right sizes, so do a bit of research before you buy it! After all she’s going to wear it for you! So its candy for your eyes, sparks of intimate romantic moments between you two and a whole lot of excitement!

22. Book Yourselves into a Themed Room gifts for your wife
A themed room would be something different and special. If not a themed room, you could try a boutique hotel where every room is special for some reason. It would give you two enough time in the lap of luxury and you could plan a whole bunch of things you could do for her whilst you spend time together!

gifts for your wife23. A Love Letter
When was the last time you actually even wrote a love note or took the effort of even writing an email full of love and romance for no good reason? If you haven’t, you should! It is least expected of men these days that they would woo their wife with a love letter. And that’s exactly where you score points with a romantically written letter that describes her, your marriage, what she means to you, the moments you’ve spent together and your story of love with her! It has got some serious value and can be treasured for a lifetime. Take the effort to find a cloth canvas, ink and roll it up to give it that special feel.

24. A Weekend Getaway gifts for your wife
Most couples in the midst of their busy lives tend to forget that on an average we live for only about 2700 weekends… Now how low is that because almost about a 1000 weekends are over out of that if you are close to 20 years! So, give yourselves as a couple, a weekend to relax apart from the usual yearly vacations that you go for! Spend time together, fly off to nearby romantic town, seclude yourselves from the usual lives you live… If you plan it well, that would be like one of the most memorable gifts for your wife of all time!

gifts for your wife25. Personalized Coupon Book
A coupon book where you – the man, offers his services to his lady love for free would be so unique and romantic! Make a personalized coupon book where you offer your wife a host of things that she can get you to do whenever she feels like… A back massage, a candlelit dinner, a walk with her, siding with her once when you both are really debating hard about something, a drive around town, a late evening movie session, a weekend shopping spree… Make a compilation of things she really wants you to do, but you often say no to her for some or the other reason! She’ll be totally blown away by it, for sure!

26. Photographs of Her or Both of You on a Digital Frame gifts for your wife
Framing her picture in a stunning frame is a way to tell her you really fancy her! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a relationship only for a few months or it’s been years of togetherness… A woman always loves to know that her man drools over her beauty and is crazy about her! Alternately, you could also go with a snap of the two of you if you think that suits the occasion better… Think, think! But if you feel you are confused, go with a digital photo frame where you can load up a large number of pictures and a slideshow of those pictures will just keep playing!

The essence lies in being unconventional, unusual and adding elements of surprise when you buy gifts for your wife. These gifts for your wife will make her melt, will make her squeak with surprise, reward you with a tight hug & lots of kisses and make her fall in love with you forever! Be creative, know your wife and think out of the box!

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