Confessions Of A F'ed-up Mind

Poetry by: Radeyah
Place: Doha, Qatar

Its getting increasingly difficult because I haven't reacted for almost a month to his mood-swinging behaviour. His concealment of his life at work and his outbursts of frustration with me when his first wife shows disinterest in sex make me wonder whether I am only a servant in his house. I see this poetry below as the only way to calm the burning flame inside me.

I try to be loving, but you blow me away,
I still try to be understanding, but its just resentment that you say.

I try to be super-human and try not to react,
And within my heart I keep emotions intact.

It burns in the inside and I wanna erupt with destruction,
I may just hurt you so much that I avoid my intention.

I can't even twitch you cause I love you somewhere,
If only you grew up and knew I was rare!

I'm waiting, I'm waiting, our lives will prepare,
For the best & the worst and for each other that we care.

I know time will flow and you'll smile I can see,
I just hope that then you are still a part of me.

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