A Lesson for Women & Another for both Sexes

Advice by: Natalie
Place: Birmingham, UK

Lesson 1: For women. If you want him

If you give a man everything he wants very easily, you can be almost sure that he'll move on to another woman if he gets his chance. Men want excitement, men want sex, men want love without a commitment and men want all that what is fun. If you women spill all the fun in a jiffy, then he's gone baby gone!

You need to make him wait. You need to get what you want out of him every time you give him something. This may seem cheap because we are talking of "love", not "trade". But try to understand that a man moves to other women because its evolutionary, similarly, a woman needs to practise such tactics with full consciousness to keep her man with her.

Take things slow, have fun. Show the guy that you really can be fun to be with and he must long for your company. Tease him a little by making him wait for the next dose of excitement. Keep this going as long as you can; give & take, give & take, give & take. The guy will be madly yours!

Trust me, just take this as a scripture from your Holy Book and practise it:
"Your man will be yours and only yours if you give him what he desires only in parts and not all at once. Keep him excited and each time you do that, you can demand what you desire"

Lesson 2: For both sexes in the age group of 18-25.
Quite often you may come across a situation where you are going through a rough patch in your relationship and at the same time you have work/academic/domestic/some other commitments.

These are real difficult times when you have to fulfill your commitments with sincerity and at the same time ignore the rocky moments of your love life. Well, its at these moments that you have to make your decision about whats more important. Is it possible to put your commitment off for a while? Can you afford to lose what you may lose if you don't adhere to your commitment? That's what you gotta answer.

On the other hand, you need to gauge how rocky and unstable your relationship is at that moment. If you feel that its an SOS situation for your relationship, then you need to pay more attention to it. If its not really SOS, let time pass and by then things get cooler and easier to sort out.

Most often, there isn't an SOS situation in our relationships. Its work/academic/other life that needs your attention more. You can usually mend your relationships even if its a little delayed, but when time flies away for your other commitments, its usually irreparable.

So you really need to keep this last paragraph in mind whenever you encounter trouble in this form. You need to separate your love life from your other commitments. You really have to do it. You need to give your other commitments more importance and ensure that you see them through right till the end. If you are settled with work, there is a calmer mind that can sort out stupid love life issues more easily.

Trust me, just take this as a scripture from your Holy Book and practise it:
"Its really not worth blowing up your work/academics/other life commitments because they don't come back. Love can wait for a while and still be yours again."

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