How to Get Over an Ex Boyfriend

Suggestion by: Jessica Highton
Place: New York City, USA

I know exactly what runs through your mind when you've broken up! I've been in the same state as you are currently in and I had done a Google search "How to Get Over an Ex Boyfriend" to reach BlogJeez! Its been over 3 months now and I am perfectly all right and completely over my ex. It required an immense amount of struggle, discipline and will for me to come out of it.

The real turning point in me getting over my ex boyfriend was when I read Azzan's article on BlogJeez about How to Get Over a Break Up. It surely is an expert article and somehow his methods, though slightly unusual, they seem to work! If you are looking at a long-term serious approach on getting over your ex boyfriend, then go ahead and follow Azzan's methods.

If you just want to make yourself feel good for the time being, I just want you to listen to this fun song below. It used to help me lighten up my mood and get over my ex boyfriend whenever I felt low.

Everyone might probably be giving you all the expert advice and counseling on how to get over it and forget about your ex-boyfriend. Instead of taking things so seriously, here's a fun guide to flirting called the Fastest Guide to Flirting that you should probably try out than sit in one corner, weep and curse your fate! So, get up girl and get going! Feel free to share your thoughts below if you would like to speak up about your break up or about your ex boyfriend. We would love to hear from you!

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