Right Time to Kiss A Girl / Guy

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

How do you know when is the right time to kiss?
You have to be smart to read cues and act promptly when the right time to kiss arrives. Period! If you act stupid and make a move at the wrong moment, it can bring you embarrassment or even shatter your confidence for the next time.

A Quick Check Firstly ...
Make sure there is either a romantic interest or physical attraction between you both… unless you are completely drunk at a party or a club! If neither is true, its wise to wait till something sparks off between you two.

However, if you do fall into either of the above categories, here are a few indicators that will tell you when is the right time to kiss …

Signs before Your First Kiss
1. Before the day of kissing arrives, you must have hugged each other, brushed your bodies closely or at least held hands sometime in the past. If you haven’t made any physical contact ever, it really isn't recommended to proceed further into kissing him/her.

2. Just before the kissing moment, you both will tend to make physical contact and come unusually close to each other. Mostly couples may graze each others' arms, hold hands or touch one another on the back, leg or arm.

3. You will both keep looking intently at each others' eyes and faces than shying away at your surroundings.

4. At times there may be a sudden lull in the conversation and your eyes will meet your partner’s for just a bit longer than you both normally do. Though your conversation might stop suddenly, there won't be any feeling of awkwardness. Rather you will feel a sense of attraction.

5. You both will have a great time and you will either laugh a lot or probably smile a lot at each other.

6. Gradually the biggest give away is when you see your partner biting and wetting their lips and looking at your lips intermittently.

7. Eventually both your heads will tilt. You will look at each other with a tension running through your mind and body. And finally you will bring your faces closer to melt into a kiss.

So, when is the right time to kiss?
Well, every couple feels it naturally when the right moment arrives! You too will know from within when it is the right time to kiss. It is just that these signs will reinforce your thoughts if at any time you doubt the moment or you act too weak to make a move!

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Marc said...

Thank you Cristina. I am in high school and this is the first time I am going to kiss my girlfriend this weekend, hopefully!

Anonymous said...

most responses for the same question (when is the right time to kiss) on yahoo answers said that you should let it be natural but I believe that a little bit of knowledge does no harm.

In fact if I have a good time, my first kiss will be something I will remember for years... I really hope I dont waste my moment! Its coming up soon, wish me luck everyone!!!!

Emma said...

There is this dude at my yoga class whom I'm kinda attracted to but I think he is going a little too fast.

He made a move on me last evening when everyone had left and I was a kinda uncomfortable. I stepped back when he tried to kiss me.

How can I convey to him that I'm not yet ready?

Team BlogJeez said...

Just give him a big wide friendly smile as you would smile at some long known acquaintance. Try waving out to him in a friendly manner. Don't give him the idea that you are attracted to him because that will give him enough reasons to try kissing you again.

Once you hang out together a bit, talk for a while and go out for a few dates, you will be more comfortable for your first kiss then. Hope this helps!

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