Causes of Relationship Insecurities

Advice by: Dr. Jeffery Haas
Gardnerville, Nevada

Submitted on: 11th June, 2010

What are the Causes of Insecurity in a Relationship?
The root cause of insecurity emanates from the upbringing of an individual and the environment in which the individual has lived. From birth, every child is insecure – be it about his mother, about the things he wants, about the attention he gets from people… about everything! So to say that a certain individual is not insecure would be a gross lie.

The differentiating factors between people who are insecure and the people who aren’t are:
1. The manner in which they have been brought up to face situations that may cause insecurity

2. The environment in which they have grown up

3. Personal experiences

To enlist all causes would be exhaustive, but here are some:
1. Lack of love from parents

2. A distorted family environment

3. Unexpected or shocking loss of a loved one

4. Previously failed relationships

5. Issues with external appearance

6. Diminished social circle and familial ties

7. Dearth of reliable friends

8. Failures at school, work or play

9. Loss of self-confidence due to some event

10. Peer pressure

11. Previous experience of being cheated

12. Very few celebrated victories and successes from the past

These are just some of the possible causes. Beyond the cited ones here, there may be a lot of other similar reasons. But these give you an idea to analyze the reasons for your own or someone else’s insecure behaviour.

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Jenny said...

A great compilation of all the causes here. I struggle with being insecure in my relationship as well… because of my past relationship failures. I really can understand myself better after reading this. Hopefully I can overcome this soon enough.

Thanks for your help!

Ciana said...

Its all starting to make sense now why my boy-friend behaves so insecure. I can't tell you how much you've simplified my perspective towards his behaviour now because I fully understand him now. Thank u so much :-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I understand the situation for us, I pray that he cares enough to do something about it. we a great relationship other then this situation. Thank u for the help, have a wonderful day!

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