Insecurity in Relationships: Solutions!

Advice by: Dr. Jeffery Haas
Place: Gardnerville, Nevada

How then, can you deal with Insecurity in a Relationship?
First and foremost is to acknowledge that insecurity does exist. Next is to decide whether you do value the relationship as a couple. If you really do value the relationship for all other beautiful reasons that it offers than the ugly insecurity, then as a last step you need to make conscious efforts to deal with the insecurity.

So what exactly do you do?
1. The insecure partner needs to be comforted that the problem is being treated by both the people and not just by him.

2. The other partner needs to show patience whilst the transition occurs in the behaviour of the insecure partner.
3. Feelings of insecurity need to be brought up by both individuals without any shyness, insult, fear or over-reaction.

4. There needs to be active communication on specific issues of insecurity between both bolstered by comforting each other and showing mutual respect and love.

5. Emotions of love and commitment need to be actively conveyed – through words and actions both.
6. The insecure partner needs to grow more confident himself. He should focus on his talents, strengths and appearance.

7. The insecure person should understand that exhibiting insecurity only draws sympathy to some extent and not love.

8. The insecure individual needs to learn to trust his partner and absolutely stop his mind from wandering.

9. The couple has to understand that there are no fixed rules in a relationship. Mistakes do happen, people do quarrel and with some amount of maturity, value and love, things fall back in place.

10. Arguments or conflicts pertaining to insecurity could be settled with humour to bring down its severity.

11. The secure partner should congratulate, reward and encourage the change in behaviour in every manner possible and should convey how much difference it has made in his life.
As the insecurity starts to diminish from the relationship, both people need to continue the relationship with immense love, commitment, mutual trust and mutual respect. At no point should communication breakdown. Often we assume things that are not true or incorrect about our loved ones. If communication with all faithfulness and honesty prevails, such a relationship can make every single day of people’s life breathtakingly beautiful!

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Vanessa said...

Wow... I really hope it works for my boyfriend and me. I love him a lot but his insecurities are killing me.

Ryan said...

I made my girlfriend read this too yesterday and she refuses to even accept that she has insecurity problems! Wow...

Anonymous said...

I hope my husband reads it that's the problem admitting there is a problem i feel everything is easy. But it is admitting the problem.. I don't deal with jealously part . But the other stuff..

joy said...

Insecurity is one of the aspect that a person would probably fall. They tried to be something they never used before and tries to compete among others. insecurity looses self-confidence and will make a person pathetic or shall we say paranoid but insecurities has always cure just try to love oneself and avoid comparing your life , actions and status to others. Try to visit my site . Thank you.

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